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Relationships by Dr. Bill Austin

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When Your Security Blanket is in the Dryer

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When Your Security Blanket in in the Dryer



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No Thanks

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What's Upstream?

HOT BUTTON: Questions! Questions!

Snake in the Attic

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Dealing with Regrets

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Can You Hear Me Now?

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What Is Your Bread?

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How Many Frogs Do You Need?

Superman or Clark Kent?

It's Only My Opinion

Using a Sledge Hammer to Drive a Tack

What Do You Mean?

Being our own best friend

Taking Care of Ourselves During the Holidays

Don't Defend Yourself

Whose face do you see when you look in the mirror?


What Triggers Your Anger?

I Never Do Anything Right!


The Power of Quiet Time

The Difference Between Having Needs and Being Needy

Don’t Let the Label Say Who You Are

The Difference Between Fitting In and Being Accepted

Be A Weaver, Not A Discounter

Need a Spot?

Walking the Talk

Why Don't I Change?

The Value of Guilt

Loving A Little Less

Creating Safe Relationships (Part Two)

Creating a Safe Relationship

It's Only My Opinion


Growing the Bottom Line

Relationship Resolutions

Giving Up Our Cadillac For A Bicycle

The Power of Quiet Time

Wait Your Turn

How Many Frogs Do You Need?

Be a Weaver, Not a Discounter

Being a Friend to a Griever

Painful Silence

Double Standard

Practicing the Right Stuff

Trying to De-stress

Stress Reduction

Dealing With a Gossiper

Building self-steem - Part 3

The parenting box top | Part 2

The parenting box top

When puzzle pieces don't match the box picture

Tasks of Grieving, Part II

The Four Tasks of Grieving


What kind of listener do you want me to be?

Your Dog Can't Swim

Dealing with Criticism

Run Your Own Race, Part II

Run Your Own Race

The Next Chapter in Our Lives

Creating New Normals

Beating the Holiday Blues

Emotional Triggers

Making a Difference

'You're with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.' - Diane Von Furstenburg

Are you really listening?

Who do I have to be for you to love me?

The grace of forgiveness

Trying to blend a blended family

Hot button: criticism


The grace of forgiveness

How are your investments doing?

Overcoming The Holiday Blues

Life's Puzzle-Box Top


Drowning In A Glass of Water

Stay In Your Own Lane

Log or Hog?

Finding Supportive People

How Disease Impacts A Relationship

How Disease Impacts A Relationship

How Disease Impacts A Relationship

The Next Chapter in Our Lives

Creating a 'new normal' during the holidays

Overcoming the Holiday Blues

Expressing Grief

You had it last!

Talking Dog for Sale

Family Meetings

Family Meetings

The grace of forgiveness

Trying To Blend A Blended Family

Parenting-Partner Covenant

Protecting Our Children During Divorce

Parenting-Partner Covenant

Overcoming the Holiday Blues

The Worst Beating I Ever Took

'It's my fault!'

You had it last!

The umbrella story

The grace of forgiveness

Cooling the brain

Life's Puzzle-Box Top

Simon Says

Unenforceable Rules

Stone Face

It's All About Me!

You Lost That Loving Feeling

You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore

Don't Tell Me What To Do

Do it now

No Opportunity to Repair

The Umbrella Story

How Do We Express Our Love?

Don't Forget to Eat Your Spinach

What is your Kryptonite?

Finding your own phonebooth

Superman or Clark Kent?

How committed are we?

You said that because...

You Won't Hear From Me Unless. . .

Don't Tell Me What To Do!!

Beneath the Surface

Being our best friend

What's Really Important?

Forgiving Those We Have Injured

Get Over It

Resentment Ledger

Empowering Self

Unclaimed Property

Truth Sentry

Core beliefs

Honey, I shrunk myself!

Feel the breeze

Working through grief

Life will never be the same

Being Strong?

Grief: The Uncorker

When Words Fail

An orphan at 43

No Relationship Is By Mistake


Using A Sledge Hammer to Drive A Tack

'From One to Ten'

The Phantom Knows

Turning The Kingdom into a Democracy

King of the Castle

Living With Difficult People


When Your Security Blanket Is In The Dryer

Why Don't I Change?


Goat Snatchers

I Need Your Vote

Our Fear of Embarrassment

When One Door Shuts

Fear of Failure

Blue Light Specials


Freedom of Closeness

The Power of Quiet Time

I Didn't Want To Say Anything But . . .

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

Making mountains out of molehills

Let me think about it

Yes, I mean no!

Frog Experts

You Could Do Better

Chasing a Three-Legged Chicken

Avoiding the Wrong Partner - Things we can do

Avoiding the Wrong Partner

Why do I keep picking the wrong partner? - Part II

Why do I keep picking the wrong partner?

All We Do Is Work!

I don't want to talk about it!

Give me room

Lovemaking vs. sex

What did you do today?

Intimacy Questionnaire

Would The Real You Stand Up?

Say When

Undeserved Forgiveness

To Forgive or not to forgive

Who's job is it to take care of us?

Never Enough

Reactor or Responder?

Don't feel that way

A door to self-awareness

Can you hear me now?

Journaling Your Anger - Part III

Journaling Your Anger - Part II

Journaling Your Anger - Part I

Walking on Eggshells

The Value of Guilt

Defense Mechanisms as a Solution

I can't share my feelings with you!

It's Not My Fault!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The Poison of Jealousy - Part II

The Poison of Jealousy

What Triggers Your Anger? Part III

What Triggers Your Anger? Part II

"It’s Unfair!"

What Triggers Your Anger? - Part I

Conflict Covenant - Part V

Conflict Covenant - Part IV

Conflict Covenant - Part III

Conflict Covenant - Part II

Conflict Covenant - Part I

Wait Your Turn!


Leading Off With Soft Feelings

Time Out!

Apologizing Prematurely

When The Problem Really Is Not The Problem

Don't Defend Yourself

Be a Weaver Not a Discounter

How Do You And Your Partner Solve Problems?

Differences in Relationships Can Be Gifts

Relationships Change