Saturday, July 20th, 2024

O Our Team - Jean Loxley-Barnard

I love variety and surprises.  My work is full of that.  Each month has a launch, creative opportunities and a deadline.  Time flies.  Adrenalin pumps.

Myers-Briggs personality type information has fascinated me for two decades and I love knowing who the people around me are, how they process information, what motivates them.  Both in business and personal life, that knowledge helps me understand how we are alike, how we differ and what makes each of us tick.  I'm a sociologist/psychologist by education (B.A./George Washington University) and a writer at the core, so people and their behavior are the focus of my curiosity.

I consider myself a spiritual person, believing in a compassionate God whose presence I have felt since childhood in a New England small town where Longfellow and Dickinson inspired my literary leanings.  Growing up with enough cousins from two clans and generational-long family friendships created the foundation for me to always feel centered,  I came to believe anything is possible.   I still do.

Unusual decor, antique or new, fascinates me and I love stopping at interesting shops when my husband Terry and I travel.  I love to buy, and finally have to sell, when the need arises to make space for more.  It is a fun escape into the physical world for a person who lives in the concept world.

Family and close friends have morphed into a circle at the core of my life and are the most important part of my life.  My sister's homestead and cottage are my favorite places to restore my energy and my friends' share their vacation homes so generously that we don't yet own one of our own.  After all, it is not the place, but the people which make the vacation.  I have photographed it all since my teens and have written much of it down.

My life is good, has been a grand adventure and still promises variety and surprise.  Thanks for being part of it.

Jean Loxley-Barnard - Publisher/CEO