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Affordable Tree Service & Firewood, LLC Story


Offering a legacy of excellence

by Rob Lauer

Throughout the year, a silent peril lurks in Hampton Roads' neighborhoods. Dead and diseased trees, their foundations weakened by age and infestation, pose a frightening threat.

With the inevitable storms that arrive each year, a strong gust of wind can send branches, or even an entire tree, crashing down onto homes, cars, and power lines, not only creating a safety hazard but a financial nightmare. The damage can range from the nuisance of a blocked driveway to the catastrophic collapse of a roof. Post-storm, the overwhelming task of clearing the tree wreckage becomes another ordeal. Professional tree care, like that offered by Affordable Tree Service & Firewood, protects not just a homeowner's physical property but also his or her peace of mind.

"Affordable Tree Service & Firewood isn't just a business to me," owner Lee Hoover says. "My sense of satisfaction comes from providing homeowners with a job well done."

With every job, Lee or his brother and business partner, Marlin, arrive at a site with their crew, bucket truck, and specialized equipment. Then they set to work with a level of expertise and cohesion that only a close-knit family business can achieve. They begin by assessing the tree's condition and location, then strategically plan the safest and most effective way to remove it. With safety gear donned and high-powered chainsaws revving, they meticulously cut and lower branches, minimizing risk to the surrounding property. The tree's trunk is then systematically sectioned and safely brought down.

"All the debris is quickly cleared," Lee assures. "Then we grind the stump down and out of sight and smoothly grade the site, turning what was once an eyesore into a neat patch of soil ready for replanting. We leave no trace of the former tree or the intense labor involved in its removal."

"What we offer is full-blown tree service, top to bottom," Lee affirms. "We a™re vetted, insured, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with a five-star rating on Yelp."

"We offer full-blown tree service, top to bottom...
We a™re vetted, insured, and accredited
by the Better Business Bureau,
with a five-star rating on Yelp."
-Lee Hoover

What truly sets Lee and Marlin's operation apart is their commitment to communication, something in which Lee takes great pride.

"My clients will tell you that my word is my bond, and I'm very attentive when it comes to communication," Lee insists. "Homeowners always know exactly what's going on with the job they hired us to do." From the initial contact and quotation to the final site cleanup, they ensure the client is informed every step of the way, fostering a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.
And perhaps the most telling testament to their work comes in the aftermath. "We're known for managing a tree job quickly, efficiently, and cleanly so that when the job is done, it's as though the tree were never there," Lee points out."

Because their service is so thorough, it's not uncommon for clients to marvel at the flawless condition of their property once the work has been done.

Ashleigh Everhardt Queen is an example of one of Affordable Tree Service's many satisfied customers. "I've had trees that needed to come down for years," she says. "My issue has been the size of the trees, huge poplar trees, and the quotes I've received over the years, which have been all over the place. Lee came recommended from another job that was taking place at my house. In no time, Lee and his crew came out to examine the trees. What made them stand out from the others was that their questions went beyond taking down trees and more considering what my end goals were. From there, they created an incredible game plan at half the price of most of my quotes, truly living up to the company name. You won't find a happier group of guys who love what they do. They go way beyond expectations and even worked in all my last-minute crazy asks! By the way, they also can grade your yard. Now we have a flat yard to play with the family."

"I 100 percent recommend Affordable Tree Service for larger tree trimming, cutting and removal," says Antonio McClenny, another enthusiastic customer. "They were prompt, professional, and delivered A1 service."

Lee deeply appreciates customers responses like these, and now, throughout the month of May, he wants to show his appreciation to those who have served and current serve our country.

"During May, I'm offering a 15 percent discount to all veterans, active military members and their families, teachers, and first responders. Most businesses only offer a 10 percent military discount, but I've always been thankful for and respected the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, so I want to give them more.

"I invite you to reach out to us today for your free estimate," Lee concludes. "My crew is young, hungry, lean, and mean, and because we have the knowledge that comes from working in this field for so many years, we guarantee you 100 percent satisfaction."

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