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EIT Services Story


Tech Trailblazer Shane Roddy and the Power of Giving Back

by Wendell Ward

Shane Roddy with his youngest daughter Addi

Shane Roddy with his youngest daughter Addi

Nowadays, information technology is essential for ensuring that small businesses communicate effectively and operate smoothly. Also known as IT, information technology services provide businesses with valuable support, maintaining their hardware and software systems so that they can remain competitive in the digital age.
In 2019, spirited entrepreneur Shane Roddy founded EIT Services (Everyone's Information Technology) in the heart of Great Bridge. This pioneering enterprise has reimagined corporate values and made promoting the greater good a top priority.
"We offer remote management services that provide everything a start-up business or nonprofit needs in terms of information technology and creating and maintaining a web presence," Shane explains.

Despite the speed of technological advancements, EIT consistently remains at the forefront of the information technology industry because of Shane's commitment to learning and professional development. Thanks to EIT's extensive information technology knowledge base, Shane's team can identify and implement cutting-edge solutions for the businesses they serve.

"Technology progresses so quickly these days, you really have to monitor the industry on a daily basis to keep up," Shane says. "And we do."

In addition to offering top-notch services, EIT now supports all facets of small business growth. From physical meeting spaces to virtual phone numbers and professional marketing services, EIT's Small Business Center is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. With regular networking events, classes, and collaborations with the Virginia Small Business Administration, the Chesapeake Alliance, and other organizations, EIT fosters local business success.

"We help our clients with web-based enterprises take the home out of 'Home Office,' so entrepreneurs can keep their addresses private and their businesses professional," Shane points out. "Our services help business owners compete without the overhead of larger companies."

Shane's passion for computers and innate talent for Information Technology began at the age of seven when he built his first working computer from spare parts. This remarkable accomplishment marked the beginning of a lifelong journey devoted to the world of information technology. As he honed his skills, Shane's dedication and expertise earned him admiration from his clients and peers, turning him into what many call a "Technological Maestro." Today, his unwavering commitment to his craft continues to inspire those around him as he champions the power of innovation to create a brighter, more connected future for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

"Technology progresses so quickly these days,
you really have to monitor the industry
on a daily basis to keep up. And we do."
-Shane Roddy

Regarding the importance of teamwork and collaboration, Shane is fond of a quote from author and leadership guru Dr. Ken Blanchard: "None of us are as smart as all of us."

"Our business not only has an amazing internal and local remote team but also an outstanding group of partnering businesses that come together to support each other," Shane says with a smile.Through active support of local community and civic groups and partnerships with nonprofit organizations, EIT has become a cornerstone of the thriving business landscape here in Hampton Roads-and beyond. Shane's favorite aspect of his job is helping start-ups and nonprofits, where he and his expert team, along with his business partners, build complete information technology structures.

Shane envisions making everyone feel like part of the EIT family, a sentiment that resonates throughout the company's philanthropic initiatives. A portion of EIT's proceeds goes directly to supporting local nonprofits such as Montero Medical Missions, Hero Kids Foundation, the Community Board on Mental Health, and the Chesapeake Sports Club.

EIT's dedication to the community extends further, utilizing Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) and e-recycling services to refurbish and donate used equipment to those in need. Shane and EIT's partnership with Montero Medical Missions is having a global impact thanks to their dedication to revitalizing and repurposing such equipment. "As part of our pro-bono work, we recycle computers, rebuild them, and distribute them to nonprofit organizations all over the world," Shane says with pride.

Shane embodies the power of perseverance and the potential of a kind heart. His work with nonprofits and community organizations has earned him a reputation as a genuinely caring leader. As an active board member of Montero Medical Missions, Shane is now preparing for an upcoming international undertaking in which he and his team will fly to the Philippines to set up sustainable healthcare clinics. They will also visit The Battle Dawgs, an organization in Alaska that supports veterans with combat-related injuries, to see the progress of the clinic they helped establish there.

"Our team loves what we do, and we know that our primary focus is to help those who help others," Shane remarks, emphasizing the core values driving EIT Services. "In fact, we do our IT work in order to support our nonprofit work," he affirms, reflecting on the driving force behind EIT Services.

"We help our clients with web-based enterprises
take the home out of 'Home Office'…
 Our services help business owners
compete without the overhead of larger companies."
-Shane Roddy

As the company expands its reach, EIT Services is poised to continue making a difference in the lives of countless individuals and organizations. With Shane at the helm, the passion, dedication, and expertise he brings to the table ensures that EIT's impact will resonate far and wide, leaving an indelible mark on the communities it serves.

In the words of John Raniowski, founder of Hero Kids Foundation, "EIT Services is an exceptional community-oriented business. Shane's ethos of service to Chesapeake and the greater Hampton Roads area is unmatched. We at Hero Kids Foundation could not meet our mission and impact the hundreds of families we have without their steadfast support and collaboration."

A devoted father of four, Shane has set an example as an entrepreneur who can not only build an innovative company-but also create a legacy of service and community support. His journey from assembling his first computer at the age of seven to becoming an IT wunderkind and philanthropist demonstrates the power of determination, faith, and a kind heart, proving that one compassionate go-getter really can make a meaningful difference in the world.

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