Saturday, July 20th, 2024

National Pet Month Story


by Rob Lauer

Whether they're called best friends, family members, or fur babies-pets are found in about 80 million American households. Nearly half of those homes have more than one pet. That being the case, it's not surprising that the U.S. has officially designated an entire month-May-as National Pet Month.

What a fantastic way to celebrate how important our pets are! When we need a little unconditional love and affection, they are there! A house empty of people doesn't feel lonely with a pet present. And, of course, social media is much more entertaining because people never tire of posting photos and videos of their pets.

So how does one celebrate National Pet Month? Consider the following suggestions:

Brag shamelessly: Most of us are determined to prove to everyone that our pet is the cutest, friendliest, funniest, most affectionate animal on the planet. During National Pet Month, post videos and videos or wax poetic about your pet online. Let family, friends, and the world, in general, know why your pet is so deserving of your love!

Take the opportunity to meet other pets-and their people: Since everyone is out and about bragging about their pets, it would come as no surprise to see more exotic animals like monkeys or parrots as well as dogs frequenting public parks and other pet-friendly venues. Reach out to other animal lovers.
Arrange a "play date" between your pet and the pet of a friend or family member.

Spoil your pet: Most pet-lovers do this whenever they can. If some of us are more reserved, National Pet Month gives us the perfect excuse to shower our pets with gifts-an adorable sweater for our cat to hate or a collection of multi-colored tennis balls for our dog to playfully destroy.

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