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Greenbrier Lighting Story


A luminous legacy of transforming spaces

by Wendell Ward

Greenbrier Lighting has cast its warm, inviting glow over the Hampton Roads community for over three decades. Family-owned and operated by Annette and Keith Tuttle, Greenbrier Lighting offers an unrivaled collection of modern and retro lighting, ceiling fans, designer furniture, and home decor-all the while demonstrating Annette and Keith's dedication to, expertise in, and vision for the form and functionality of fabulous lighting.

For Annette, lighting design is the art and science of creating a harmonious balance between aesthetics and function. "Lighting can completely transform a space," she says, "not only making it look better but making it work better too."

Annette and her team ensure that each client's journey through the seemingly infinite cosmos of lighting possibilities is seamless and satisfying. Whether illuminating a single room or an entire home, Greenbrier Lighting has the skill and the knack to develop multi-layered lighting plans that will optimize the look and feel of any space, residential or commercial.

Just a step into Annette's carefully curated 6,000 square-foot showroom launches Greenbrier Lighting's clients into a universe of options. From fans to wall and ceiling fixtures to table and floor lamps to outdoor and architectural lighting, the spectrum of design philosophies on display reflects the evolution of lighting.

The contemporary section teems with fixtures where simplicity intertwines with expressiveness in vibrant hues, burnished textures, and premium materials. These elements, reminiscent of midcentury modern, come together to form designs that are both luxurious and comfortably livable.

"Lighting can dramatically influence
how we perceive our environment,
helping to divide and define spaces,
accentuate textures,
and highlight architectural elements."
-Annette Tuttle

But if the timeless allure of the classics calls, chandeliers remain a perennial favorite. Annette's collection ranges from traditional styles resplendent with sparkling crystals to modern silhouettes with clean, sleek lines. "The charm of the chandelier never fades, and crystal is always fashionable for lighting fixtures," Annette points out. "People love that bling, you know... that's never going away."

The transformative power of lighting lies at the core of Annette's philosophy. "Lighting can dramatically influence how we perceive our environment," she explains, "helping to divide and define spaces, accentuate textures, and highlight architectural elements, furnishings, or art pieces." As Annette notes, lighting is the crucial element that can either make a room feel inviting and comfortable or cold and inhospitable.

When implemented correctly, lighting can subtly guide us, drawing our attention towards focal points and helping establish the mood of a room. For instance, soft, warm lighting can create a tranquil and cozy ambiance, while bright, cool lighting can stimulate focus and energy. It's also an incredible tool for manipulating perceived space, as it can make areas appear larger or smaller and change the center of attention.

On a functional level, lighting has a significant impact on our comfort and productivity, and even our safety, by providing adequate illumination where it's needed. Moreover, features like dimming controls allow for customized light levels to suit various needs or times of day, enhancing the flexibility and usability of a space.

Annette stays on top of the latest in lighting design and technology: "The trend toward conservation has been the biggest factor in the changes Keith and I have seen over the years," Annette says, "with a trend towards energy-efficient options that are not only state-of-the-art but also clean, low-maintenance, and streamlined."

As Annette explains, good lighting design takes into consideration energy efficiency and sustainability, using solutions like LED and smart lighting systems that can reduce both environmental impact and energy costs. But perhaps most importantly, optimal lighting can contribute to health and well-being. Proper exposure to natural light, for example, can boost mood and productivity, improve sleep quality, and offer other health benefits. Conversely, poor lighting can cause eye strain and negatively affect mood.

And at the heart of Greenbrier Lighting is a commitment to excellence in customer service, a tenet Annette values highly. "We love helping our clients find the perfect lighting and decor choices for their home or business," she says. "Often they'll bring us photos of the space they're working on so that we can really understand what they're hoping to achieve with their lighting, or the effect or ambiance they're hoping to create."

"What are my clients trying to achieve
in their design and decor?
What's their vision?
Let's work together to realize it."
-Annette Tuttle

This commitment to service is evident in the breadth and depth of product knowledge among their well-trained staff, who share a love for lighting and interior design. Annette's approach to her customers is a thoughtful, considerate one, and her entire team shares it. "What are my clients trying to achieve in their design and decor?" she asks. "What's their vision? Let's work together to realize it." This collaborative method has led to a phenomenal return-customer ratio. "Our long-time clients love us, and we love them," she says with a smile.

Apart from their business, Annette and Keith's spirit of giving back shines through their involvement with the Parrot Head Club of Tidewater. This nonprofit has raised over $1,000,000 for local and national charities, including cancer and Alzheimer's research. The couple also relishes spending time with their grandson and his tournament-level golfing activities, further evidence of their family-oriented values.

Beyond their success in business, Annette and Keith embody the spirit of community, just as Greenbrier Lighting embodies their passion for lighting. Much more than a lighting supplier, Greenbrier Lighting is a family-owned venture dedicated to illuminating homes and businesses, guided by a holistic understanding of lighting's transformative power.

Whether creating an inviting ambiance, optimizing space, enhancing functionality, or adhering to the latest energy efficiency standards, Annette and Keith's commitment to excellence in lighting design and customer service is unwavering. Their belief in a collaborative approach has earned them loyalty from numerous customers, who return time and again for their lighting needs. Through Greenbrier Lighting, the Tuttles' vision and dedication continue to transform spaces and enrich lives, one light at a time.

"We love helping our clients find the perfect lighting
and decor choices for their home or business..."
-Annette Tuttle

Greenbrier Lighting

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