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Ailsworth Accounting and Software Solutions Story


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Lynn Ailsworth, owner of Ailsworth Accounting & Software Solutions

Lynn Ailsworth, owner of Ailsworth Accounting & Software Solutions

As the owner of Ailsworth Accounting & Software Solutions, Lynn Ailsworth and her husband, Mike Swanson, provide consulting and training services to businesses using QuickBooks®. They are also authorized resellers and can provide software, payroll, merchant services, and checks at the best prices.

"Accounting is an extremely important part of owning a business," Lynn says. "QuickBooks is a good fit for most small to mid-size businesses. We help our clients determine which products best meet their needs, educate them on how to use these products, help them understand accounting, and how to read their financial reports.  QuickBooks is much more than an accounting program; it can also be used as a marketing tool if the data is accurate."

"Right out of high school, I started working for an accounting firm as a receptionist, then a secretary, and then the firm's bookkeeper," Lynn recalls. "Our managing partner taught me to treat the firm's money as if it were my own, and I still practice that model today while working with our clients. When we merged with a larger firm, they needed bookkeepers for clients, and that's where I learned how to use QuickBooks."

"Lynn brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and good humor
to every task in which she is involved.  
I consider her a valued member
of my financial team and appreciate
her contributions to our success."
                              -Larry Wade
 President of Alliance Technical Services

After working for two public accounting firms for a total of 24 years, as scary as the idea was, Lynn started her consulting business in 2007 and has loved every minute of it.  She is proof that one can be proficient with numbers without being a math whiz!  In 2013, after Mike retired as a naval officer and worked for a defense contractor, he joined Lynn in the business.
Lynn and Mike have worked with over 1,400 clients, now primarily remotely, from their home office in Suffolk. They have worked with clients all over the country. Recently, a new client in Miami, Florida, found Lynn from a 1,000-mile search on the QuickBooks Find-a-ProAdvisor website.

"Some clients find us when they are first getting started while others inherit a mess from a previous bookkeeper and need help," Lynn says. "Some have anxiety from being behind in filing their tax returns and know they need help cleaning up their books; others lose sleep because they tried to correct a mistake and made things worse. Her friendly and approachable attitude puts clients at ease right away.

"Lynn is a godsend!   
Because of Lynn's patient instruction,
 guidance, and thoroughness,
I can now confidently manage
the day-to-day requirements,
including payroll."
                                          -Jamie Palmer
    Vice President of Anchor Innovation

"I always wanted to be a mentor to other bookkeepers and formed a referral group many years ago," Lynn explains. "We don't offer bookkeeping or tax return preparation services, but we are happy to refer someone within our group."
When asked, ‘What sets you apart from similar businesses like yours?' Lynn replies, "I feel my background in accounting (38 plus years), my expertise in QuickBooks, being a small business owner myself, and being a reseller helps me relate well to our clients. I'm very patient, and I like being part of the client's team.  I always strive for what's in the best interest of our clients."
Lynn and Mike are passionate about helping their clients succeed, and they are always looking for more business owners to help. "It's hard to put into words the joy and satisfaction I get from the work I do," Lynn says with a smile. "I have made friends with many clients over the years, and I feel truly blessed."

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