Sunday, April 21st, 2019

A Air Aspects by Terry Young
Keep your home listing photos timeless


Christmas in July creates the wrong image

When selling a property, you want it to look its best in photos, regardless of when it may actually sell.

Something that people will notice is if there is an obvious time of year that the photos were taken, and if that time was a while ago, it can create a negative image of the property.

While both interior and exterior photos taken in spring, summer and early fall will look pretty similar, photos taken in the late fall and over the winter can look more desolate - especially with trees turning or bare, or with snow on the ground.

Other elements can date the photos, especially if taken over the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations will certainly date photos. Some people may think “so what?” Such clear dating is not a problem if the house is very likely to sell within a couple of months.

In fact, a house with a light,
warm interior, and a nice green garden,
can be more appealing
while it is raining, cold and desolate
right outside the viewer’s window.

However, if for some reason it does not sell, the MLS listing will show a house with Thanksgiving decorations, and if it is many months later, it looks like the house may be hard to sell for some reason.

Even if this happens only on a subconscious level, it does still have a negative effect on the viewer. I myself have seen properties with such unmistakable dating and wondered what could be wrong with them, especially if they look like a nice house on screen.

Photos taken before the trees change are a lot harder to put a date to; they could have been taken anywhere within about an eight month period.

Furthermore, if those photos are seen out of that season, such as while browsing the MLS in January when it's snowing outside, the negative why hasn't this sold factor is a lot less. In fact, a house with a light, warm interior, and a nice green garden can be more appealing while it is raining, cold and desolate right outside the viewer's window.

The bottom line is that even if a house is not going to be put on the market for a few weeks, photos should be taken while the garden is in bloom and is as green as possible and while the house interior is not decorated for the holidays.

Taking proactive photos can give the MLS listing a much longer lifespan, and create fewer possible negative connotations.

Many things have to be considered when you're using photos and video to sell a property. This is where an experienced photographer can really make a property stand out from the crowd.

Terry Young is an FAA licensed drone pilot and professional photographer and videographer.  His 30 plus years of experience in pre- and post-production of both still photography and video, coupled with the latest equipment,  enable him to capture amazing, high quality images.