Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

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        Crowds come out for the 33rd Great American Food Fest

Crowds come out for the 33rd Great American Food Fest

The Chesapeake Sheriff's Office held its 33rd Annual Great American Food Fest at Chesapeake City Park. Food, fun and fireworks set the tone of a farewell party and an opportunity for those present to appreciate Sheriff John R. Newhart for his many years of service to the citizens of Chesapeake.

Photos courtesy of Sgt. Dave Rosado

Newly sworn in Sheriff Jim OSullivan

In spite of the threat of rain, the event drew a crowd

From left: Sheriff Jim OSullivan, Councilman Lonnie Craig, Senator Harry Blevins, former United States Senator George Allen, and Congressman Randy Forbes were on hand to enjoy the festivities.

Sheriff OSullivan, left, and attorney J. Bryan Plumlee of Poole Mahoney PC announced the beginning of the fireworks display

As usual, the fireworks did not disappoint

Newly sworn Sheriff Jim OSullivan, left, and newly retired Sheriff John Newhart enjoyed the fireworks display

From left: J. Bryan Plumlee, John Newhart, Sheriff Jim OSullivan, and former Chesapeake Fire Chiefs Buddy Bagley and Steve Best enjoyed the fireworks

From left: Sheriff Jim OSullivan, Steve Best, J. Bryan Plumlee, and Buddy Bagley paused for a photo op.