Thursday, January 17th, 2019

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        Primrose campers pitch in for SPCA

Primrose campers pitch in for SPCA

Summer campers at Primrose School at Cahoon Commons finished up their annual Precious Pets drive by presenting donated canned and dried pet food supplies to the Norfolk SPCA.  The much-needed donations are a big help to animal shelters, which find themselves in critical need as they face overcrowding and funding problems during these tough economic times. These activities also serve to build character in the children by sharing in a worthwhile cause and giving back to their community.

Alexis Traubel posed in front of the temporary home of a beagle

Autumn Dark, left, and Luke Stephens participated in making special dog treats consisting of canned food sandwiched between two dog biscuits

Chareese Davis made a very special dog treat

Dylan Mason presented a bag of dog treats to the SPCA

Dylan Mason posed at the Kitty Condo

Noel Nonnenmacher showed off her special dog treat consisting of canned food sandwiched between two dog biscuits

Sam Maust handled a ferret, assisted by Kari Vincent of the SPCA as Chase Traubel waited his turn

The children pitched in to help carry the food and supplies into the SPCA

Troy Wilkinson, left, and Evan Norris visited one of the cats