Sunday, May 26th, 2019

G Gathering The Amorys entertain at home on July Fourth

The Amorys entertain at home on July Fourth

George Skip Amory and his wife, Alice, entertained friends at their home on the Fourth of July with a splendid array of foods and entertainment. Old and young came from far and wide when the restaurateurs spent their day away from Amory's Restaurant, cooking and socializing at home! Inside and outside of their sprawling home on the water in Portsmouth, guests visited, played, listened to Lewis McGee perform and swam in the pool


Children played in the pool

All ages enjoyed the party. Mike Fink and Grandson Waylyn.

Annette Humphries is one of the most popular waitresses at Amory's Restaurant off Taylor Road by the Mall

Every nook and cranny invited guests to sit and chat

From left: Erika, Shayla and Jackie

Shannon Shephard and Wendy Chaney were as pretty as the flowers on the deck

Ben and Gwen

Mary Jo Palmer and Wayne Sawyer sat right next to Guitarist/Singer Lewis McGee, who performed to the delight of the guests

Lewis McGee

Jean Loxley-Barnard and Mike Fink of Fink Towing.

Alice Amory kept the abundant supply of food replenished in the Amory home's expansive kitchen

Skip showed his fishing boat to an entourage of guests

All the guests had a wonderful time

From left: Doug, Susan Stone and hostess Alice Amory

Daniel, Melinda, Patsy holding baby Weston and Bobbi

Brooks, Wayne Sawyer and E.J. Burbage

John and Elaine Thompson came from Great Bridge

Guests, from left, Carolyn Burbage, Brooks and Tom watched other guests take a ride in the fishing boat

Entertainer Lewis McGee and Phillip Gardner