Friday, May 24th, 2019

G Gathering The Land of Oohs and Oz

The Land of Oohs and Oz

Nice School of Dance Studio 3 recently held its eighth annual recital at the Harrison Opera House. Director Lisa Longworth's production of The Land of Oohs and Oz was also a celebration of the grand opening of her second dance studio, Nice School of Dance Studio 4.

From left: Carla, Ariel, and Arthur Bailey

Caroline Krentzberg, left, and Madelyn Hines

Elizabeth & Anna Humes

From left: Faith, Samantha, Danielle, and Gill Neufville

From left: Lauren Maxey, Elizabeth Watson, Lisa Longworth, and Meagan Stanford

From left: Lisa Longworth, Bonnie Jean Longworth, and Ansley Webb

From left: Mr. & Mrs. Pieper, and Michael Longworth

From left: Nick Sorber, Kayla Vanwerkhoven, and Anna Humes

Nick Sorber

Rachael Schneider

Stephanie Ryan