Sunday, May 26th, 2019

G Gathering Graduation congratulations to Michelle Douglas

Graduation congratulations to Michelle Douglas

Michelle Douglas, daughter of The Shopper's COO Nikki Young and Internet Marketing and Design CEO Terry Young, recently graduated from Chesapeake's IB Program at Oscar Smith High School. She celebrated with family and close friends at her home. Michelle received a scholarship from Hollins University, which Forbes ranks among the top 100 of America's Best Colleges. It is located on a sprawling campus in Roanoke.

Michelle and her brother, Chris Douglas.

Whitney Clayton, left, and Michelle proudly posed with their diplomas.

From left: Terry Young, Michelle and Nikki Young.

From left: Julie and David Harper, and Michelle's grandfather Owen Resweber.

Cousin Tommy Pote

Cousin Crystal Barhydt with her husband, David, and daughter Erin.

Michelle Douglas, headed to Hollins University.

Michelle, right, with her close friend Whitney.

From left: Terry and Nikki Young, Jeff Barnard, Maryellen Farley and William Doxey