Monday, May 20th, 2019

G Gathering Chesapeake Historical Society elects new officers

Chesapeake Historical Society elects new officers

The Chesapeake Historical Society held a meeting at the Central Library on Cedar Road, electing new officers, including Helen Spruill as President. Many new guests as well as regular members enjoyed hearing Betsy Fowler, Director of the Library, speak.

Some guests were so impressed that they took out Library cards after the meeting!

Dr. Becky Adams

Helen Spruill, left, and Margaret Lowry

Larry Floyd

Jean Carideo

Helen Spruill

Margaret Lowry

Jennie Viery, left, and Lil Oman

From left: Jean Carideo, Edward Cooper and Helen Cooper

Charlotte Graff, left, and Director of Chesapeake Public Libraries, Betsy Fowler

Raymond Harper, left , and Helen Spruill

John Thompson, left, and Dave DeFeo

From left: The Shopper's CEO and Publisher, Jean Loxley-Barnard, Kay Etheredge, and Jim Etheredge

From left: Terry Barnard, Dave DeFeo and John Thompson stopped to view the paintings of local artists displayed in the library. Terry and John both signed up for a library card. They were happy to find out that audio books will be added in the future