Sunday, January 20th, 2019

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        Charles Cross Scholarship committee meets to make difficult choice

Charles Cross Scholarship committee meets to make difficult choice

The Charles Cross Scholarship Committee meets each year to consider applications submitted by deserving students from all Chesapeake Schools. The Committee, under Trustee, Attorney Albert Hartley, a former recipient, reviews the many written applications sent by teachers and narrows the field down to several students to interview in person.

The selectees are then interviewed by members of the committee and one is selected to receive the scholarship in June at the School Board meeting.

Former Superintendent of Schools Dr. Fred Bateman discussed the upcoming interviews as former clerk of the school board Ed Hughes contemplated his questions.

From left: Attorney Albert Hartley; Jessie Lee, formerly a Norfolk school teacher and Chesapeake School Board member who also served as Chairman, and City Councilwoman Patty Willis enjoyed a moment before the interviews.