Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

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        Chesapeake Democratic Women host spring fundraiser

Chesapeake Democratic Women host spring fundraiser

The Chesapeake Democratic Women recently held their annual fundraiser and fashion show at the Marriott Hotel in Chesapeake. Many of the models were Chesapeake elected officials and candidates. The event was moderated by The Shopper's Sales Manager Dee-Dee Gee.

From left: Nashana Harris, Maggie Richardson and Ruth Leveston

Joyce Dabbs, President, Chesapeake Democratic Women

Chesapeake Circuit Court Clerk Faye Mitchell

Brian White, left, and Chesapeake City Councilman Cliff Hayes

Clinton Collins and The Shoppers Sales Manager Dee-Dee Gee

From left: Kiana Norment, Dr. Sheila Hill-Russ, Dr. Ella Ward, Ashley Stacy, Lynne Alcott, Bonita Billingsly-Harris, Jessica White, Tracey Holland-Norment and Audrey Collins