Sunday, May 26th, 2019

G Gathering Fire safety training for au pairs

Fire safety training for au pairs

Janet Gilbert LCC, Cultural Care Au Pair and Bridgette Hoilman from Chesapeake's Life Safety Community Relations recently hosted training for young women who are living with families in the city and caring for their children. The training covered everything from smoke detectors to safely and quickly getting out of a home in the case of a fire. Each apair went home to their host family knowing the importance of fire safety and what they should do in case of an emergency.

From left: Irina Kloos, Linda Kuehl, Kim Rautenberg, Vanessa Latxke, Sarah Schickler (Germany); Elaine Gordan (S.Africa); Tina Faleberg (Sweden); Carmen Tuicle, Anna Belker, Sonja Bernert (Germany); Patricia Espin (Venezuela); Yelitza Campoy (Mexico); Napasap Chanklang (Thailand).