Saturday, July 20th, 2024

G Gathering Khedive Motor Corps Shrimp Feast

Khedive Motor Corps Shrimp Feast

All-you-can-eat shrimp and unlimited adult beverages were just the start of the fun for those who attended the 2024 Khedive Motor Corps Shrimp Feast. There was also a DJ, an auction, raffles, and a bake sale

Chester Butler with Anne and Bob Mortenson

From left: Ernie Ayers, Steve Smith, Brennen Ogletree, Roger Hartman, Eric Thingstad

From left: Larry Woodhouse, Robin Fite, Susan Fite, Janice Windley, and Rosemary Boyd

From left: Tracey Montero, Kathie Rodriguez, and Sandy Lassiter

Ernie and George taking tickets

Alana Coghlan and Grace Collins from Bubba's 33 pass out drinks

Steve Smith and Roger Hartman

From left: Brianna Bryant and Chanel Jacobs

Keith and Jennifer Tolarchyk with their daughter Ashley Tolarchyk