Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

G Gathering The 45th Annual Chesapeake Shrine Club Oyster Roast

The 45th Annual Chesapeake Shrine Club Oyster Roast

The Chesapeake Shrine Club of Khedive Shrine recently held its 45th Annual Oyster Roast at the Khedive Shrine Center in Chesapeake. It was a rainy, dreary day, but that didn't stop attendees who feasted on all-you-can-eat raw, roasted, and fried oysters while enjoying live musical entertainment from the popular local band Hotcakes.  All proceeds benefit the Chesapeake Shrine Club.

From left: Shriner Charlie Taylor and Oyster Roast Chairman Joe Ramsey

Amy Dunphy, left, and her mother Leah Casper served delicious fried fish.

From left:  Scotty Lynn, his wife, Amy, and Shriner Ken McCullough

Paige McCullough

Frankie Vann, left, and Wallace Chadwick

From left:  Aja Melnick, Macie Houck, and Shriner Ken McCullough

Joe Ramsey

From left: Kim Keen and Debbie Bickel

Bill Lawrence

From left: Volunteers Tracey Bradshaw, Gay Carpinelli, and Stacie Carrero

Paige Prohowich

Tammy Robinson with her adorable daughter, Jocelyn

From left: Laura Williamson with Jim and Coni Spalenka

From left: Jonathan Hoggard, Eric Williams, Blake Ellsworth, and David Williams

From left: Senior Deputy Steve Kelley, Joe Watson, and Austin Temple represented the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office Auxiliary Deputy Corps.