Sunday, January 20th, 2019

G Gathering
        Wine Festival

Wine Festival

The Chesapeake Rotary Club hosted the first ever 757 Wine Expo at the Chesapeake Conference Center. It was a perfect day for sampling good wine and enjoying the music of Louis McGehee and his daughter Kayce.

Louis McGehee and his daughter Kayce entertained the crowd

From left: William Kent, Lisa Cenzalli, Kevin Cowan, and Stacy Harris

From left: Lisa Cenzalli, retired Sheriff John Newhart, Stacy Harris and William Kent

Bill and Laura Lawrence

From left: Adela Zoeller, Debbie Ritter and Susie West

From left: Rick West, retired Sheriff John Newhart and Larry Zoeller

Rogers Electrical owner Jeb Britt and his wife Kristie

From left: McDonalds owner Mike Custer, Kelli Castelloe and Rick Kresinske

From Graphic Concept Solutions, Amanda Ward and President Buddy Cummings

From left: Mike and Sandy Faulkingham, with Monarch Bank Chesapeake President Barry Mathias and his wife Wendy

Brenda Kennedy, left, and Sharon Davis

Rick West, left, and Mayor Alan Krasnoff

From left: Bill and Laura Lawrence, Mayor Alan Krasnoff and Tom DiPrima

Enjoying the wine festival and St. Paticks Day! From left: Laurie Biernot, Stacey and Joe Gosman, Melanie Brink, Karen Letourneau, and Lori Cobb

Old Point National Bank Marketing Assistant Jessica Sangster and Portfolio Manager John Clark

Dudley Miles of J.D. Miles and Sons, left, and Tom DiPrima

From left: Tom and Claudia Broderick, Dudley Miles of J.D. Miles and Sons, and Mike Evans

From left: Old Point National Banks Raven Henning, Virginia Beach Branch Manager Hans Paul Jacques, Erin Black, Renee Morris and President Louis Morris, Laura Wright and Marketing Assistant Jessica Sangster

From left: Linda Doland, Debbie Ritter, Steve Best, Adrienne Danner and Edward Jones Financial Advisor Scott Danner

Jesse Williams and his wife Karen

Old Point National Bank Cedar Road Assistant Vice President Tamra Wood, left, and Erin Black greeted visitors to the 757 Wine Expo

Friends and neighbors Marianne Salb and Margie Yannetti paused for a visit

From left: Chesapeake City Councilwoman Dr. Ella Ward, Paula Slagle, and Margie Yannetti ran into one another and stopped for a photo op

Paula Slagle, left, and Margie Yannetti enjoyed a dance to the music of Louis McGehee

Administrative Assistant at The Shopper Connie Diprima enjoyed the wine, food, and music

Old Point National Bank Branch Officer Shari Popp volunteered to sell tickets

Old Point National Bank Senior Vice President and City Executive Officer-Chesapeake Linda Doland and her husband Mike listened to the music of Louis McGehee

From left: Dawn Glynn, President of TowneBank Chesapeake with her husband Tim, daughter Chelsea, and Chelseas boyfriend Tyler Copan enjoyed the music of Louis McGehee

Deany Dormer, left, and her friends Tori, Melissa, and Dee stopped to pose with two of Chesapeakes finest

Deany Dormer, left, enjoyed hanging out with friends Tori, Melissa, and Dee

Matt Rose and The Shoppers Graphic Designer Jennifer Murphy took a break from tasting

From left: The Shoppers Account Executive Jeff Barnard, Sharon Hoel, William Doxey and Margie Yannetti

From left: Andrew Hughes, Lacey Stevens, Chelsea Hughes, and Dudley Miles of J. D. Miles & Sons Roofing

Chesapeake Mayor Alan Krasnoff and his wife Phyllis were on hand to observe the festivities