Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

G Gathering The South Norfolk Ruritans celebrate the season with a blue crab festival

The South Norfolk Ruritans celebrate the season with a blue crab festival

Mounds of blue crabs, tasty barbeque, cole slaw and hush puppies, as well as Southern Blend, one of Hampton Roads' favorite bands, attracted hungry fans from all over for an afternoon of fun for a good cause. The event raised funds for scholarships for local teens and other community projects supported by Ruritans throughout the year.

The Sheriff's men gave out cookies

777 Allison Joyce, Robert Culpepper, Wynn Dixon, Andy Joyce.

Hungry guests lined up at tables to dig into delicious blue crabs.

The Blue Crab Festival's second annual event was well attended.

Ruritans couldn't have been happier with the turnout.

Sheriff John Newhart, Jean Loxley-Barnard and Bob Lambert, who gave the Sheriff his first political contribution in his first campaign.

From left: Chesapeake Hospital Authority member Robert Culpepper, Buddy Bagley and Wynn Dixon, Vice President of the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center.

Jane and Peter McDermott, owners of Jerry's Restaurant, sponsored the festival's VIP tent.

Sheriff and founder of the South Norfolk Ruritan Club John Newhart, far left, was joined by SNR officers and corporate sponsors from GTI, East Coast Valve Services, Freedom Electric, Marine Hydraulics International, Colonna's Shipyard, Surface Preparation and Coatings, Moran Towing, BAE Systems, Earl Industries, and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

Longtime South Norfolk residents and community activists Burnie and Marlene Mansfield.