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Morgan Marrow Company’s Lisa Copeland Story


Reading between the lines, asking the right questions, solving problems

by Candance Moore

Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland

“When I was a kid, the insurance industry was stereotyped as a boring profession, but it’s actually exciting,” Lisa Copeland of Morgan Marrow Company says with a grin. “When I help clients remove that burden of uncertainty, it’s a great feeling! I’m a problem solver.”

With her sunny disposition and ever-ready smile, Lisa is also a powerful ally in a realm where people often feel powerless. Her instinctive ability to read between the lines, her gift for asking the right questions, and her genuine concern for fair play are helping people across Hampton Roads make better decisions regarding their insurance coverage. During the course of one casual conversation, she can cut through weeks of foggy negotiating, helping clients find the policy that best meets their needs.

At Morgan Marrow, where Lisa represents clients seeking a wide range of insurance products, she sees herself as their advocate. She visits her clients’ work sites and asks about business flow not only to understand their present situation, but also to anticipate their future needs. Then, working behind the scenes, she gathers data, explores all options, and presents her clients with policy options that she firmly believes are in their best interest.

“Many of my clients are surprised to learn about their options,” Lisa explains. “And they’re pleasantly surprised by how attentive we are to their needs. We really go to bat for them. We customize products, shop for better deals, and negotiate directly with underwriters on the client’s behalf. By the time my clients agree to a policy, they know they are in a good position.”

From employer-based medical coverage to comprehensive property and liability insurance, Lisa has the flexibility to meet almost any need, offering her clients innovative products from a host of providers. She can even help with identity theft protection and other emergent needs. As the quickly-evolving  economy creates more niches and blurs the lines that have traditionally separated business interests from personal interests, that flexibility is becoming increasingly valuable.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover damage when a room is rented out or used as a business office? Does car insurance cover liability when the car is used as a source of income? What if multiple policies create overlaps and redundancies that do more harm than good? What if a computer hacker is able to access a client’s invoices and business records? Confused by the jargon and too busy to breathe, many entrepreneurs are simply crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. Lisa says there’s a better way.

She meets with clients at their property, at a time that best fits their schedule, and reviews their current coverage—free of charge, no consultation fee. If they’re already in a good position, she encourages them to stay where they are. If their policies are needlessly expensive or expose them to unacceptable risk, she proposes a better solution. With no obligation whatsoever, Lisa explains all options in terms the client can understand. With a pressure-free approach, each step is taken at the client’s pace.

Lisa recounts the story of a small business owner in a niche field. Doing what seemed customary, this client had purchased a conventional policy from a major insurer. Details were lost in the shuffle, and the client ended up with a policy that exempted her very business model! Lisa had met with her and, free of charge, skimmed over her policy with a second pair of eyes. Very quickly, Lisa discovered the discrepancy and remedied it.

Lisa explains that most insurance policy errors are the result of miscommunication between well-intentioned people. Because clients can’t ask the right questions if they don’t know what those questions are, and insurers can’t read minds, important information is never discussed.

“Surprises are a bad thing when it comes to insurance. What might seem to be an irrelevant private matter can actually impact insurance quite a bit.” Lisa’s lilting voice conveys her sincere interest in the real-life situations that many of her clients face. “If a client owns valuable property, why is it sitting unoccupied, and who is keeping an eye on it? If a company owns a vehicle, who has access to the keys? How secure is the server providing internet to a client? These are the things insurers worry about. If I can get answers, I can find solutions,”she insists.

Lisa explains that most insurance policy errors
are the result of miscommunication between well-intentioned people.

As a mother of three, Lisa has plenty of practice in asking lots of questions. She can advise clients on common concerns that tend to raise premiums, avoidable mistakes that can cause unnecessary claims, and wasteful over-coverages that bloat budgets. She enjoys getting to know clients as friends while she cheers on their financial success.

From sole proprietors in need of basic protection to mid-size local businesses offering full benefits, clients across the region can benefit from Lisa’s expertise. Morgan Marrow offers coverage in multiple states for nearly every industry and business model. In-house producers and direct-access underwriting keep the entire process in Morgan Marrow’s hands. As clients needs change through the years,  Lisa and the team offer nonstop support.

Lisa has actually worked on both sides of the table, having once been employed by the coverage division of a major medical insurance provider; but she recalls feeling a desire for more organic social interaction. After taking a break to focus on her children, Lisa considered pursuing other career options.

It was during a job interview for a marketing position that Lisa rediscovered that insurance was undeniably in her blood. Instead of accepting the position, she spent half the interview explaining why the benefits could be better structured.

“My position at Morgan Marrow feeds my creativity,” she concludes, smiling. “I’m finding innovative products for the unconventional needs of some fascinating clients. Insurance is definitely responding to new trends in our culture, and I get to be a part of solving those problems.”

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