Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Enjoying Life Coaching, LLC Story


Life Coach Kimberly Frazier encourages clients to ‘Enjoy Life’ on purpose

by Rick Spencer

Life Coach Kimberly Frazier is the author of the upcoming book,<BR>

Life Coach Kimberly Frazier is the author of the upcoming book,
"Enjoying Life on Purpose Through Real Life Experiences," to be released later this summer.

I want to help potential clients discover their gifts, talents, and passions,” says Life Coach Kimberly Frazier.

The high-energy founder and CEO of Enjoying Life Coaching, LLC., Kimberly is also a certified business and career coach, motivational speaker, blogger, and talk radio host.

“Life coaching is truly a passion of mine!” Kimberly asserts. “My role as a life coach is to encourage and empower people to accomplish their goals by suggesting ways they can improve behaviors. Moving clients to the next level is accomplished by partnering with them to create action plans that help them achieve those goals. I serve as an accountability partner, as my clients already have the answers within themselves. I walk alongside them and help them navigate their way through life’s challenges.”

“One woman had everything she needed
to launch a business she formed...
‘What happens if I fail?’ she asked me.
‘What happens if you don’t fail?’
I asked her.”     

—Kimberly Frazier

In recent years, the public has not only discovered that having a life coach is  affordable, but that there is also no stigma attached. People are now very comfortable telling friends and associates that they are seeing a life coach. “I am convinced that everyone needs one,” Kimberly says. “Even I have a business life coach.”

With direction from Business Life Coach Elaine Aston Lankford, Kimberly is taking steps to maximize the way in which she offers her services to others. “Elaine is in the business of coaching life coaches,” Kimberly explains. They meet weekly to make sure Kimberly is adhering to their agreed-upon top priorities and goals. “The coaching I receive from Elaine helps me to become a better coach for my clients,” she admits.

Kimberly’s clients are  primarily women age 40 and over who, like her, are empty-nesters.

“I have seen women come to life coaching sessions defeated and discouraged,” she observes. “One woman had everything she needed to launch a business she formed. Essentially, all she needed to do was press a button to set her new business venture into motion, but her lack of self-confidence paralyzed her. ‘What happens if I fail?’ she asked me. ‘What happens if you don’t fail?’ I asked her. Soon afterward, this woman and her business became incredibly successful.”

A life coach helps people figure out their goals, where they are now, and how they can get to where they want to be. More specifically, the coach allows clients to establish and maintain priorities, identify barriers, and develop a personalized action plan that keeps them accountable and on task toward meeting their stated goals. “If I can change one life for the better, then I will consider myself successful,” Kimberly asserts.

Her practice also includes business coaching. As a business coach, she works with managers to help their sales teams increase performance and minimize turnover. “If I can help one manager put relationships before sales, I consider that a success,” she notes.

Kimberly also offers small group coaching sessions for empty nesters every Saturday. The focus of each session is helping empty nesters discover their gifts, talents and passion; helping them to create an action plan to achieve realistic goals. These Saturday sessions are called “Enjoying Life and Brunch on Purpose,” and anyone interested in attending one, need only visit her website to register.

Kimberly will soon extend her efforts to help others. Her first book, entitled Enjoying Life on Purpose Through Real Life Experiences, is set to be released later this summer. The book will focus on seven real-life stories of people who took control of their lives with purpose and moved on to achieve their dreams. Scriptures and Biblically-inspired poems will also be featured, showing readers how they can more fully enjoy life no matter the situation.

Originally from Morehead City, North Carolina, Kimberly earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Shaw University in Raleigh, where she majored in business administration and minored in theology. In addition to her life coaching firm, Kimberly is a Verizon Vendor Regional Sales Coach. Her district extends from Tidewater to Northern Virginia. Employed at Verizon for nearly a decade, she oversees a staff of 15 sales managers. Working for the telecommunications company provides her with a flexible schedule allowing her to work from home, meet with her sales team, and manage her life coaching business at the same time.

Managing such a schedule would be daunting for many, but Kimberly has ample experience with multitasking: she is the mother of two sets of twins. “It was an overwhelming experience that made me who I am today,” she says with pride.

The first set of twins, Torian and Victoria, 23, are now thriving young adults. Victoria has been serving in the US Air Force for four and half years. Torian is an information technology technician at Panasonic; he and his wife are expecting a child later this summer. Kimberly is thrilled about being a grandmother.

Kimberly is also proud of her 20-year-old twins, Nolan and Niya. Nolan is pursuing a career in law enforcement, while Niya enters her junior year at Chowan University, majoring in education.

“Since I had two sets of twins at different times, I don’t know what it’s like to have just one child,” Kimberly says with a wry laugh. “I probably would’ve overdone it if I only had one.”

“Having my children taught me about my Father’s love—my Heavenly Father,” she continues, reflectively. “I grew up in a single-parent home with the love and support of my mother, Kathy Stancil, who is my biggest cheerleader.” Kimberly has been married 18 years to her wonderful and supportive husband, Greg Frazier.

“If I can change one life for the better,
then I will consider myself successful...
If I can help one manager
put relationships before sales,
I consider that a success.”

—Kimberly Frazier

Now, an empty nester, when Kimberly reflects on life history, she concludes, “I would not change these experiences for anything in the world.”

Kimberly feels so blessed to be doing the work that she believes God sent her here to do: “I’m serving as a life coach, working at Verizon, publishing a book, airing podcasts, writing newsletters, and conducting monthly coaching sessions. I am living and enjoying life on purpose—no excuses.”

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