Monday, June 24th, 2019

The Store For Stores Story


Q & A About The Store For Stores Relocation

The Store for Store Owner Natalie East

The Store for Store Owner Natalie East

Q: Did you close The Store for Stores?

A: Oh no! We wouldn't do that to our customers, and I don't think our customers would let us! We moved to a smaller warehouse/store, just two miles away.

Q: Why are you open only Monday - Thursday in the mornings?

A: We guarantee that we are at our location during our published hours, but are usually available to meet anyone, anytime, Monday - Thursday until 5:30 or even 6, as long as they call to set an appointment ahead of time. Since we offer consultation services and free store layout planning for customers who purchase their fixtures from us, we have periods of time that we are out of the store. We are always happy to be as flexible as possible for our local customers. After all, helping our customers IS our purpose for being here!

Q: Do customers have to place their orders before coming to our location?

A: No, but it's a good idea to touch base to see if all of the desired items are in stock. We keep thousands of items on site, but most of the larger items are warehoused off site. In most cases, we can have anything a customer needs in 1-3 days.

Q: If I order large items, is there a way to avoid paying an exorbitant amount for shipping?

A: Absolutely! The cost of shipping has nearly doubled since the beginning of the year, due to new regulations imposed on commercial trucking companies. I encourage customers who can wait up to a week for their items, to have their order shipped to my warehouse, because that will reduce your cost. I am happy to combine several customers' orders to get a better freight rate, and have been able to save my customers 50-65% on shipping. I always look for ways I can help save my customers money.

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