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Dillon Law Group, PLC Story


A family tradition of service inspires attorney George Dillon

by Marianne Chalk

A self-described problem solver, <BR>Attorney George Dillon  enjoys helping people navigate complex situations. <BR>Photo by Kaiser Custom Images

A self-described problem solver,
Attorney George Dillon enjoys helping people navigate complex situations.
Photo by Kaiser Custom Images

I grew up watching family members helping others,” George Dillon of Dillon Law Group declares. “Service is something that runs deep in my family’s roots.”

Those roots go back to Bulgaria—the country from which George’s grandfather immigrated when he was only 14 years old. Coming to America and working for 60 years in the newspaper industry, this grandfather devoted much of his time to mentoring those coming into the business. George’s father, a small business owner, did the same.

“As I matured, I came to understand that lives are more important than money,” George continues. “Helping others energizes me.”

Born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in Arlington, George was one of two boys in a family of five children. “As a boy, George always had nurturing qualities,” oldest sister Shae recalls with pride. “And he has grown into a very honorable man.”

George’s desire to serve was demonstrated early in his life. In the 1990s, he enlisted in the Army ECP program. Later, he transitioned to the Coast Guard, where he served for three years. Additionally, he served on a local Virginia Beach Marine Rescue Team for a year.  But it was a difficulty faced by his parents that caused George to pursue a career in law.

The staff of Dillon Law Group, PLC. Back row, from left: <BR>Sandra Whiting, Susan Barbiere and WeiChan Wong. <BR>Front row, from left: Derek Holser, Esq., Christopher Pocta, Esq., <BR>George Dillon, Esq. and Shae Rylan. <BR>Photo by Kaiser Custom Images

The staff of Dillon Law Group, PLC. Back row, from left:
Sandra Whiting, Susan Barbiere and WeiChan Wong.
Front row, from left: Derek Holser, Esq., Christopher Pocta, Esq.,
George Dillon, Esq. and Shae Rylan.
Photo by Kaiser Custom Images

“My parents needed legal assistance, but because of limited funds, they were unable to get the help that they needed,” George reveals. “Having lived through that experience, I was determined to help others avoid the situation that my parents faced.”

Regent Law School brought George to Chesapeake in 2002, and he credits the school for nurturing his dedication to excellence and professionalism. That dedication led to numerous honors. In 2015 and 2016, Virginia Super Lawyers named George as a “Rising Star” in the areas of real estate and land use. The 2016 edition of Who’s Who Directories of Top Professionals recognized him as one of the Top Attorneys in North America.

Since the days of Shakespeare, the legal professional has been fodder for derogatory humor, but for George, being an attorney provides him the perfect opportunity to have a positive impact in society. He prefers to think of himself as a coach or a counselor.

“During the time of Abraham Lincoln, being a lawyer was considered a noble profession,” he explains. “I’m committed to building relationships with my clients. I’m so grateful that they share their personal stories, as well as their legal challenges with me. I’m happy that my work allows me to serve as a sounding board for them; that I can help empower them by giving them a voice. I’m also a problem solver, so I enjoy helping people navigate complex situations. My clients aren’t intimidated because I’m an attorney, and I take that as a huge compliment. Clients become friends.”

That friendship often inspires George to lend a helping hand in some totally unexpected ways. “I represented an elderly couple who, at the last minute, were struggling to clean out the clutter from a property they were selling,” he remembers with a smile. “Just prior to closing, in my suit and tie, I jumped in—wearing my suit and tie—and helped them with the cleaning.”

George’s willingness to roll up his sleeves and get involved is also evident in his personal life. As a father of five (ages six to sixteen years), George volunteers at their school, St. Matthew’s Catholic School, where he also coaches cross country for children.  An active member of St. Mark Catholic Church, he also served on the Board of Directors of the Greenbrier YMCA from 2008 to 2015.

“I’m committed to building relationships with my clients.
I’m so grateful that they share their personal stories,
as well as their legal challenges with me.”   
—George Dillon

Dillon Law Group is the result of George’s entrepreneurial skills. “I know how to start a business from a seedling to an oak,” he explains. In 2008, George decided to branch out on his own, purchasing the assets of a company for which he had served as in-house counsel. Despite the country’s downward economic spiral at the time, Dillon Law Group thrived, opening offices in Virginia Beach and Newport News. The practice is comprised of three attorneys and one partner—all sharing similar values.

The group offers a full range of legal services related to the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties, estate planning, business and contracts. Ynot Italian is one of their corporate clients. While George is passionate about all of the service that he provides, he considers estate planning to be particularly important.

“It’s an area that, too often, is overlooked,” he insists. “Estate planning, however, is about your family. It is a gift to those you leave behind, and it provides a road map for your loved ones. If you start estate planning when you’re young, in the end your relatives will be free to grieve their loss and celebrate your life without having to worry or concern themselves with legal matters.”

In addition to Dillon Law Group, George is the managing attorney for the state of Virginia for Liberty Title and Escrow. He extends his passion for service by offering guidance through public speaking. Every Friday  on WVEC-TV, he participates as a Connect Program Expert on estate planning. He is currently working on podcasts with Cheryl Tan, geared toward people purchasing, selling or working in the realm of real estate, but with an entrepreneurial slant. Wisdom is also shared during formal seminars or during events such as Lunch and Learn sessions. “George is a very charismatic speaker, and  excellent at conveying important information in a way that is easily understood,” Shae affirms.

“If there is a need in the community, I want people to contact me,” George insists. “I always treat every transaction with the utmost importance; it’s part of the relationship process. I enjoy using my legal expertise to help others. All of us at different times in our lives need help as we are faced with difficulties or potential failures. My philosophy is that failure is the road map to success. When difficulties come, we’re here to help people fall forward and keep progressing, no matter the challenge.”

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