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New anti-aging laser treatments offered by award-winning spa

by Donna Sanders Corbus

Owner, Julie Foster, RN Photo <BR>by Kaiser Custom Images

Owner, Julie Foster, RN Photo
by Kaiser Custom Images

Julie Foster, RN, remembers the moment that changed her thinking about the aging process.

“I was in my early teens and I was standing in front of a mirror with my mom as she was fixing her face and hair,” she recalls. “Suddenly I looked over and I caught her staring at herself in the mirror with the saddest expression on her face. Then out of the corner of her eye, she caught me looking at her. I knew that my seeing her in that moment made her feel even worse. She looked back at her reflection, shook her head and said, ‘I don’t know who that old lady in the mirror is. Inside I still feel 25, but that woman in the mirror sure isn’t.’  The truth was that my mom did look old—and she was 10 years younger than I am now. I hear some people say that we should just age gracefully. Well, I say, forget that. Fight it!”

“I hear some people say
that we should just age gracefully.
Well, I say, forget that.
Fight it!”

—Julie Foster, RN

Julie’s manner is relaxed but frank. When the conversation delves into the details of aging, however, the manner of this registered nurse becomes that of a warrior on a mission to combat the effects of aging.

In 2010, seeing that there was a need in Hampton Roads for high-quality, affordable skin care in a welcoming and safe environment, Julie founded Skin Renaissance. Getting the office on its feet was a labor of love for Julie, her friends, family, neighbors and newly hired staff. Together, they all helped to build, paint, organize and decorate that first office.

For seven years now Skin Renaissance has been making people look great and feel more confident. This award winning medical spa doesn’t just cater to women of a certain age. Men and women, teens and adults—all seek the benefits of the services offered.

Both Julie and her experienced staff make everyone feel at ease from the moment they walk in.

“We want people to feel totally relaxed when they come here,” she says. “We’re here to help them—to put them and their concerns front and center. We’re not going to overwhelm them, or push treatments they don’t need. In fact, if someone comes in wanting a procedure that we don’t think they need or that will make them look bad, we’ll tell them, ‘No.’ My experience is that people appreciate us being up-front with them. It helps build trust. They see that we’re not out to take advantage of them; that we’re serious about what’s in their best interest, and that we’re good at what we do.”

Julie grew up in Alabama and studied nursing in Nashville. She has been a critical care, neonatal, trauma and Life Flight nurse. She makes her home in Chesapeake and strives to not only provide the best service to her clients, but to also be a good neighbor.  Skin Renaissance is active in the community by supporting fundraising efforts for the SPCA, school events and various charities.

When clients first come in for their one-hour complementary consultation they are seated before the Visia Complexion Analysis camera.  This imaging machine easily captures left, right and frontal facial views. Cross-polarized and UV lighting are used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. This analysis allows Skin Renaissance staff to determine the amount of sun damage to the skin, and also provides information about red spots, brown spots, wrinkles, rosacea, pores and acne. Data gathered from the analysis can compare a client’s skin to that of other people their age. After the data has been gathered, Julie’s staff gets to work to determine a plan to not just fix the client’s top layer skin issue, but to fix the problem causing it.

From left: Lindsey Ratcliff, Master Esthetician,  Julie Foster. RN, and  Suzanne Adcook, NP<BR>by Kaiser Custom Images

From left: Lindsey Ratcliff, Master Esthetician, Julie Foster. RN, and Suzanne Adcook, NP
by Kaiser Custom Images

Today there are fewer stigmas associated with anti-aging treatments. “There are many people who will just casually say at the ball field, grocery store or game night, ‘I need to go tomorrow to get my Botox,’” Julie says.

“And both men and women are now seeking prevention and treatment for aging,” Nurse Practioner, Suzanne Adcook, points out.

Julie notes, “I’ve heard some people say, ‘I would never even consider having cosmetic work done on myself—I’m not that vain.’ And I want to say, ‘Your shoes match, don’t they? You aren’t wearing two different socks, are you? You gave some thought to the clothes you’re wearing, didn’t you? Is combing your hair vanity?’ One has a choice in how they look. One can start wearing cat-eye glasses and get a granny perm, or one can choose to look healthy and vibrant.”

Master Esthetician Lindsey Ratcliff is an integral part of the team. She is a native of Deep Creek, and has been using her skills at Skin Renaissance for about two years. Lindsey performs treatments such as facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and laser peels, treatments and hair removal. Her advanced credentials and caring spirit mean that clients receive the best possible experience.

Many clients want to know
 if anything is available
to just slow down the aging process.
In answer, Skin Renaissance offers
the Forever Young program.
This is a twice-yearly laser treatment
that actually changes
 the gene expression of the skin.

Not only do the people at Skin Renaissance ensure one’s experience is exceptional, all the products one would expect to find at a premier spa are on hand. For example, Botox and dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Volbella are provided with a gentle, conservative approach. “If you look like you’ve been done, you’ve been overdone,” Suzanne says.

Laser treatments are another way to achieve younger looking skin. The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser is a dual laser treatment which combines deep dermal revitalization with epidermal renewal. Skin Renaissance is the first in Chesapeake to have the Halo laser. The downtime is only three to five days, yet this treatment can last several years.

“After age 35, there is a net loss of collagen and skin tends to sag, get loose and fall,” Julie explains. The Skin Tyte II treatment  tightens skin  by deeply heating it below the surface while cooling the outer layer of skin at the same time. There is no discomfort and clients can resume activities immediately. Most clients receive four to six treatments, three weeks apart. This treatment is not only for the face, but any sagging skin area, such as the neck and stomach.

Many clients want to know if anything is available to just slow down the aging process.  In answer, Skin Renaissance offers the Forever Young program. This is a twice-yearly laser treatment that actually changes the gene expression of the skin. This means that, in the future, the skin will not age in the manner it did before the treatment. Studies have shown that even 10 -15 years later, skin that has undergone this treatment is tighter and has better texture and firmness than before the treatment was even done. The Forever Young laser is suitable for all areas of the body, including arms, décolletage, neck, face and abdomen.

While many clients are seeking to regain their youthful appearance, Julie knows that adolescents have acne problems and just want clear skin. She can design individualized acne treatment  programs using her own specialized line of products and incorporating techniques like skin peels to reveal healthy skin.

Skin Renaissance will be offering their Twelve Days of Christmas specials beginning November 13 through the first week in December. Those interested in participating can call the office and request to be placed on the email list.

“People want to look as good as they can at whatever age they are,” Julie says. “Our goal here is to give them age-appropriate results that make them happy.”

Skin Renaissance

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