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Dr. Adam Billet retiring after 32 years, welcomes Dr. Nicholas R. Galardi

by Eric Hodies

Dr. Nichols R. Galardi and Dr. Adam Billet

Dr. Nichols R. Galardi and Dr. Adam Billet

Reflecting on a 32-year career in plastic surgery, Dr. Adam Billet says he is most honored by the respect afforded to him by his peers and for the opportunity to have touched so many lives. Dr. Billet estimates that he’s cared for about 30,000 patients during his career, but he takes special pride knowing that his patients’ health, safety and well-being have always been his top priority.
Though Dr. Billet is retiring from Magee-Rosenblum Plastic Surgery soon, don’t look for him to spend much time reminiscing: he’s too excited about the future of the practice. Dr. Billet is eager to spend the remainder of the year mentoring their newest plastic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas R. Galardi.

Dr. Galardi has joined Dr. Richard S. Rosenblum and Dr. Ivor B. Kaplan to round out the staff of  physicians for the practice—which has offices in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Newport News. Twenty employees support the surgeons. 

“I’m really excited for our patients and for the practice,” Dr. Billet says. “Dr. Galardi chose this community and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. He’s enthusiastic and excited about surgery. The bottom line is our patients are in good hands.”

A Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Billet majored in physics at the University of Maryland, but soon realized his real interest lay in medicine. That’s not surprising, considering his father practiced psychiatry for 40 years and his identical twin brother is an internist in Baltimore.

“In medical school, I was a natural in anatomy, and a love of that subject usually translates to a specialty in surgery,” Dr. Billet points out. “After obtaining my medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, I spent the next seven years in residency.”
Early in his career, Dr. Billet heard that to be an effective doctor, one has to be available, affable and able.

“For me, availability has meant practicing all 32 years in Chesapeake and not running around the area and spreading myself too thin,” he explains. “I’ve been living in the same Greenbrier-area house since 1985. All that stability has allowed me to focus on patient care and helping people. Once you do that, everything else will follow.”

That approach has earned Dr. Billet a reputation, such that patients seek him out for his experience and skill, as well as his caring personality. He has received countless referrals from the community.

Dr. Billet, second from left, and his staff  Cheryl Crump, Pam Vanderberry and Jennifer Zeliff

Dr. Billet, second from left, and his staff Cheryl Crump, Pam Vanderberry and Jennifer Zeliff

“Plastic surgery has been my identity, so it will be hard to leave that behind,” Dr. Billet confesses. “I joined Magee-Rosenblum in June 2016, as a way of transitioning to retirement and mentoring Dr. Galardi. I’m extremely grateful to Magee-Rosenblum for this opportunity. After many 70- and 80-hour work weeks, retirement will be an adjustment; there’s no doubt about that.”

Fresh off eight years of residency, Dr. Galardi is ready to embrace the challenges inherent in a private practice.

“I’ve handled many extremely complex cases while working in a major trauma center, so I feel well prepared,” Dr. Galardi says. “However, there is a night-and-day difference between the university environment I’ve been learning under versus working in a private practice, so I’m looking forward to learning that side of surgery.”

“I’m really excited  for our patients and for the practice.
Dr. Galardi chose this community and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center.

He’s enthusiastic and excited about surgery.
The bottom line is our patients are in good hands.”

—Dr. Adam Billet

Born in Pittsburgh, Dr. Galardi moved to West Virginia as a teenager, where his parents operated a car dealership. Remaining in the state, he attended Bethany College – graduating cum laude with a degree in Biochemical Science. With a tall, athletic build, he balanced his academic load with his duties as quarterback for Bethany College, until a shoulder injury put an end to a potential pro career.

“There’s a limited lifespan to a professional athlete, but if I’d been given a window of opportunity, I might have played pro football,” he remarks.

Dr. Galardi earned his medical degree from West Virginia University School of Medicine in 2009, followed by a five-year general surgery residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School. While in Norfolk, he met his wife, Elizabeth, who was a nurse practitioner at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. He married the Portsmouth native in 2013.

Dr. Galardi’s plastic surgery residency was at the prestigious University of Miami, where he trained for three years, under some of the nation’s most respected plastic surgeons.

“The procedures and techniques in plastic surgery are changing at a lightning fast pace,” Dr. Galardi points out. “There’s something new emerging almost every month. I’ve been fortunate to train under dozens of the best teachers during my eight years of residency, allowing me to acquire skills in many different styles and techniques.”

Dr. Galardi performs a full range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, along with advanced minimally invasive, non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, including Botox and fillers. Patients of all ages are welcome.

Magee-Rosenblum Plastic Surgery was established in January 2000, by Dr. William P. Magee, Jr., co-founder of Operation Smile. The Virginia Beach office houses an operating room which is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). The Norfolk and Virginia Beach locations have medical spas onsite. Their spas offer a host of services for those seeking non-surgical treatments for anti-aging and rejuvenation.
Just over a year ago son, Dominic, was welcomed into the Galardi family. Spending quality time together is a high priority for the family, and the three are eager to put down roots.

“We’re all very happy to return to this area,” Dr. Galardi shares.

“We look forward to getting outdoors and staying active, so this area suits us perfectly. I also look forward to the type of career Dr. Billet has enjoyed. He built a large, faithful following, and it’s a great honor that he feels comfortable with the care I will offer his patients.”

“I’m ready to get started,” he says in conclusion. “After more than a decade in medical school and residencies, my dad was very happy to see me graduate for the last time. He was always asking me when I’ll be finished studying. But the fact is, I’ll never be finished; there’s always more to learn.”

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