Put Adventure into Your Child’s Life

Everyone needs a little adventure in their lives. Anyone who has ever watched a toddler sees daily adventure as they move from crawling around the house to pulling up on the furniture and taking those first steps to the cheers of waiting parents. Every day is a new adventure for them as they explore our world. We need to continue to encourage that adventure and see the world through their lens. Adults tend to lose their sense of adventure as the pressures and responsibilities of daily life push away the small joys and excitement that are all around us. Let’s look at some of the opportunities that are available if we just open our eyes.
The backyard is a science experiment every single day. Children (and adults) need to be outside for good health, physically and mentally. The adventure of seeing how many insects you can spot or which beautiful butterflies are visiting your yard is fun and illuminating. They are all there, but we don’t pay attention to themThere are so many places close to your home where the whole family can enjoy an adventure together. Some of my favorites are in Chesapeake. The Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department has a wonderful map of 17 biking and walking trails across the city, all free and open to the public. You can find the fliers showing the locations at each of the city’s recreation centers. These trails range in length, from one mile, like the Battlefield Park Trail near the Great Bridge Locks, to the 10.7-mile paved Dismal Swamp Canal Trail. There are over 80 parks in Chesapeake.
A favorite place offering adventures for all ages is the Chesapeake Planetarium, next to the Chesapeake City Hall. Free one-hour community programs are offered on Thursday evenings at 8:00 P.M. inside the Planetarium with Dr. Robert Hitt, the Planetarium Director. If the weather is clear, participants are invited to look at the night sky through outdoor telescopes at the end of the program. Reservations are required due to limited space. Simply call 757-547-0153 and put your name on the reservation list for the Planetarium. They fill up quickly. It is a real treat.
Another one of my favorite places for all ages is Bergey’s Breadbasket Store on Mount Pleasant Road in Chesapeake. Bergey’s used to be a dairy where I took my three sons so they could see how the milk they drank came directly from cows. Though Bergey’s no longer has the cows, it has several other animals to see up close. Until the end of October, there is also a corn maze, offering your family the adventure of finding their way from one end to the other. Once that adventure is over, your family can enjoy some amazing homemade baked goods, sandwiches, and, of course, Bergey’s famous ice cream. My sons still take their children there when they come home to visit.
Where will your adventure be today or tomorrow? It’s up to you!

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