Primrose Schools at Cahoon Commons encourages community spirit

The children at Primrose Schools at Cahoon Commons learn more than just the basics of education. Co-owners Tonya Gill and Claudia Macon and their staff instill in the youngsters a true commitment to the community around them. During one day of the school’s recent Spring Fling Celebration, $1600 was raised in support of children battling cancer. Our goal is to be a partner in the community, Tonya says. We provide the guidance for our students to do incredible things.

Primrose Schools at Cahoon Commons proudly presents a donation raised directly by the students and parents to the Roc Solid Foundation Primrose Explorer Club Teacher Marissa Atkinson far left joins Roc Solid Foundation Executive Director Eric Newman Primrose School co owner Tonya Gill and Primrose Educational Training Specialist Angela Carley

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