Realtors know top quality images are key to success
by Terry Young

I have had the pleasure of working with many Realtors in the Hampton Roads area. I have shot both aerial and ground photos and videos to be shown in listings, Realtors' personal sites, and social media.

As spring approaches, now is the time to plan an impressive campaign for new home listings.  Top quality photos and videos are the key to all facets of ones marketing success.   

With today's technology, showcasing listings has become more sophisticated. Top agents have embraced these tools to sell properties. Along with great photos, an impressive video of a property can show much more than a still photo, like the flow of the home's layout and overall atmosphere.

Aerial shots open up a whole new view of a property and its layout.  From the air, I can capture views which show elements in relation to each other, rather than from the ground, where views can be obstructed.

For example, if a property has a deck, a pool, and a fire pit, from the ground a photographer would probably not be able to encompass all of them in context in a single shot. While it is fine having individual shots of each item, often people want to get a feel of their overall position to each other.

Water features work especially well from up high. 
A nice river or canal, swimming pool or large pond
with fountains can look even more impressive
from an aerial perspective.

From the air, you can also get a much better view of a property's surroundings. For a prospective buyer, aerial photos and video can sum up the type of neighborhood at a glance, showing the views and amenities that they can expect in a single shot.

Water features show well from up high.  A river or canal, swimming pool or large pond with fountains can look much more impressive from the air. Aerials can also show proximity to beaches, water access or other nearby selling features.

Videos can provide more information than stills, such as slowly revealing the beautiful view behind a house, or circling to show the property from all angles.

When you want to make an impression using aerial photography and video, imagination is the only limitation.  Call me to discuss how to bring a new perspective to buyers through your listings.

Terry Young is an FAA licensed drone pilot and professional photographer and videographer.  His 30 plus years of experience in pre- and post-production of both still photography and video, coupled with the latest equipment,  enable him to capture amazing, high quality images.