New Perspectives
by Terry Young

Aerial photos can enhance any advertising

One of the hardest elements about any kind of advertising is trying to keep things interesting so that it prompts the viewer to buy from you. With the popularity of drones, it has become clear that an aerial view of something can create a "wow" factor, which can lead to the viewer wanting to see more.

While aerial photos and videos have been most heavily utilized by the real estate field, they are equally useful for other areas and industries.

Tourism - From the air, complete views of a towering hotel, or the majestic grounds of a luxurious resort or winding golf course can be shown.  An aerial view of a campus can be useful for producing maps of the premises, and are more relatable than a simple hand-drawn map.

Sales - Not just for houses, aerial photography and videos are equally dramatic for things which move, such as vehicles or boats. Aerial shots of a car dealership can capture the whole car inventory in one image.

Marketing - For businesses with an impressive building or campus, an aerial photo can show the property in all of its glory.  Imagine a magnificent office block with your name at the top as seen from the sky, looking down.  Such images framed in a reception area can create a dramatic first impression of your business.

Printed Media - Higher end drones remain very stable in the air.  It is possible to take multiple shots side by side from exactly the same position.  These photos can then be seamlessly stitched together.  This results in ultra-high resolution images, which can then produce very large, high quality prints.

Construction - Using aerial shots taken regularly from the same positions can chart the progress of a project, from the initial site choice to the finished construction and surrounding area.

Agriculture - It is entirely possible to survey whole fields from the air.  Using enhanced color photographs, one can instantly see which areas are growing well, and also detect areas which may need more irrigation. Because  the camera systems can be replaced on some drones, it is also possible to attach thermal cameras to show any differences in soil temperatures.  This can be a sign of issues.

Inspections - Drones can be used to inspect almost anything.  From communications towers to chimneys and roofing, a drone camera can check for cracks and imperfections without needing to send up climbers.

360o Tours
- Because most higher end drone actions and flights can be automated, it is possible to shoot impressive 360o photos from the air.  These have become very popular on Facebook and other social media sites, but can just as easily be put on a company web site.

    When you want to make an impression using aerial photography and video, imagination is the only limitation.  Call me today to discuss how to give a new perspective to your business.

Terry Young is an FAA licensed drone pilot and professional photographer and videographer.  His 30 plus years of experience in pre- and post-production of both still photography and video, coupled with the latest equipment,  enable him to capture amazing, high quality images.