Anthony “Tony” Goodwin

This Candidate for State Senate District 18

is committed to a “Good Win” for all Virginians

As voices clamor for change, the constituents of the newly formed State Senate District 18 stand at a pivotal juncture: a choice between continuing down a well-worn path or blazing a new trail for Portsmouth and Chesapeake!

Here, on the stage of Virginia’s sometimes raucous political scene, enters a formidable new candidate: Anthony “Tony” Goodwin. Representing the Republican Party, Tony has stepped forward to serve in Virginia State Senate, District 18, recently redrawn to encompass 90 percent of Portsmouth and thenorthern half of Chesapeake, including Western Branch, Indian River, South Norfolk, and parts of Deep Creek and Greenbrier.

To truly appreciate what Tony Goodwin brings to the table, one must move beyond party affiliations. Tony’s many accomplishments were born from his dedication, foresight, and unwavering commitment to Hampton Roads. Having enjoyed a successful career in commercial real estate, Tony doesn’t merely observe his community from a distance; he stands at its center and helps shape its future. He perceives Virginia’s landscapes not as mere geography, but as stories—stories of people, dreams, and potential.

“When I ran for Mayor of Portsmouth in 2020, I saw that the challenges the city faced went beyond the mayor’s office and the city council,” Tony says. “So we watched carefully as the district was redrawn and saw that a combined Chesapeake and Portsmouth could become not only the economic heartbeat of Hampton Roads—but also have a formidable, positive impact on the entire state of Virginia.”

Tony isn’t just another name on a ballot. His record of entrepreneurship and community-driven leadership is evidence of his exceptional imprint on Hampton Roads. His leadership roles include serving as Chairman of the Portsmouth Council of Civic Organizations from 2011 through 2014, President of the Olde Towne Business Association from 2012 through 2017, and Chairman of the Hampton Roads Chamber Portsmouth Division Board in 2018.

“A combined Chesapeake and Portsmouth

could become the economic heartbeat of Hampton Roads

and have a formidable, positive impact

on the entire state of Virginia.”

—Tony Goodwin

“My early political mentor, Bernard D. Griffin, was a former Portsmouth mayor and city council member,” Tony recalls. “He once told me that the best way to begin serving our community was to get active on local boards and commissions. And so, for the last 25 years, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.”

Tony’s exemplary role in numerous city projects has showcased his innate ability to bring people together and demonstrates a unique blend of genuine caring and effective action that has benefited Portsmouth and her citizens. Tony’s commitment to community development not only focuses on immediate concerns but also on nurturing a vibrant, prosperous environment for small businesses. Knowing that a thriving downtown is a pivotal component of any flourishing city, Tony is resolute in his commitment to working diligently for the small business community.

“I understand that communities are built through conscious planning,” Tony explains. “I’m a tireless advocate for property rights—and for property owners themselves. I champion sustainable growth and development that respects citizens’ interests. As an advocate for business owners, I’m proud to have had a hand in over a dozen development projects along High Street and in Historic Olde Towne Portsmouth.”

Known among his friends and associates as the personification of a good neighbor, Tony’s benevolence shines through his proactive involvement in the community for years as a volunteer and entrepreneur. His dedication to Portsmouth demonstrates a lifelong passion and pride for his community. The testimonies of people who have worked closely with Tony paint a portrait of a man whose character is built on a foundation of supporting others and fostering community pride.

In a world of shifting values, Tony embodies a harmonious blend of a strong work ethic, time-tested wisdom, and the importance of family. “My family is four generations deep here in Portsmouth and Hampton Roads,” Tony affirms. “And from the day I first met my wife, Elizabeth, at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, she and I have been dedicated to serving our community through action.”

As a leader, Tony Goodwin stands resolutely by the twin pillars of any flourishing community: preserving the best elements of its legacy and embracing the values that will move it forward, weathering whatever challenges might lay ahead.

“I’m a tireless advocate for property rights

—and for property owners themselves.

I champion sustainable growth and development

that respects citizens’ interests.”

—Tony Goodwin

The son of a Vietnam veteran and U.S. Naval officer, Tony met Elizabeth, a Norfolk native, while working in the tourism industry. They married in 2000 and put down roots in Portsmouth where they made their home in the city’s Historic Park View neighborhood. Their daughter attends Portsmouth Public Schools and Elizabeth is a highly visible leader in Chesapeake, serving as Executive Director of The Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation. The couple owns Portsmouth’s Market Street & General Store, nestled along High Street opposite the Children’s Museum of Virginia—a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the future of Historic Olde Towne Portsmouth.  In Tony, one finds not only a dedicated citizen and guardian of local history but also a visionary advocate for a prosperous future that benefits all citizens.

To truly represent a district in Richmond, one must be in sync with the rhythms of life in that district; one must immerse oneself in its history, participate in its struggles, and share its dreams. For a quarter of a century, Tony Goodwin has done just that, strengthening the fabric of community bonds, with each thread representing a commitment, an endeavor, and a step closer to a shared vision. Embodying the aspirations of District 18 and the ethos of mutual success for all, Tony’s mantra is that “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

As Election Day 2023 draws near, Tony Goodwin is working tirelessly for a “Good Win” that will benefit the citizens of District 18 and all Virginians.

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