Ann’s Hallmark bids farewell

This is written as a heart-felt tribute in recognition of you, Mary Saunders – the manager of Ann’s Hallmark in Great Bridge Shopping Center. We all honor you as you leave the company for retirement after 29 years of dedicated service to Hallmark Corporation and Ann’s Hallmark specifically. You are a wonderful woman who has withstood the test of time! Throughout your years at Ann’s you have personally touched so many lives; those of your customers as well as those of your staff and co-workers. Even though, we know, at times you faced many hardships and trials of your own personally, you still remained dutifully dedicated to your job. Both in your personal and professional relationships and responsibilities you have proven to be a pillar of strength and endurance – a woman of true character. You will be sorely missed, Mary…your smiles and hugs as we (your sales associates) come and go each day; your conversations with each of us concerning our well-being (both at work and home); your patience, your understanding, and most of all your generosity of spirit. We say as a whole, both from your staff and customers over the years, that you, Mary, will be remembered as the manager that made Ann’s Hallmark the Gold Crown Store that it is today. We celebrate you and your service and we thank you. You will be truly missed! May God Bless you in your years ahead now with His love, peace of mind and heart, and happiness. We love you, Mary Saunders, our manager and our friend!

 – Donna, Betty, Jennifer, Tammy, Kim, Becky, Debbie, Sharon, Anna, Kathy, Sheri, Mary

Mary Saunders

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