Monday, January 21st, 2019

G Gathering
        An Evening of Art

An Evening of Art

The Currituck County Arts Council recently sponsored the Soundside Show and Competition at the Moyock Public Library. Local artists who were exhibiting were joined by family and friends for an evening of refreshments and conversation. The show was judged by Jefferson C. Harrison, chief curator of the Chrysler Museum of Art. The first place award went to Katherine Wassink.

From left: Dick Schroeder; Judge of the night, Jefferson Harrison; and Christine Henninger

Terry Barnard admired Katherine Wassinks

Betty Embry with her proud husband, Don, in front of her

Artist Emily Cannons

Artist Marion Dannerts

Judge Jefferson C. Harrison awarded Katherine Wassinks

Top: Shirley Williams

Mardie Defeos painting

From left: Jeannette Denicke, Gerri Andrews, and son Jay Andrews.

Mike Hodgis, left, and Del Hasselbacher