Friday, May 24th, 2019

G Gathering Open House at Jim’s Gym

Open House at Jim’s Gym

Jim Horne, owner of Jim's Gym on Bruton Court behind the Post Office on South Battlefield Boulevard, recently held an Open House.

Guests were treated to a fabulous spread of food, refreshments and smoothie samples, a tour of Jim's Gym, and a free five-minute massage. Also on display at the gym were antique cars, hot rods and drag racers!

Jim Horne and Bobbie Graf

Personal trainer Dave Waters with his wife, Rita

Personal trainer Sharon Croxton with her son Shane and husband,Steve ,in front of their 1970 Bronco

Certified Massage Therapist Jodi Callahan offered complimentary massages

Linda Horne, Jim's wife, with friend Jack Graf

Jack King helped out by grilling chicken on the smoker

Mary and Barry Basnight showed off their 69 Camaro SS

Dawn Trexler, a member of Jim's gym with a friend, Bruce Peters

Sharon Roberts with grandson Dylan and member Kay Bandstra

Lourie and John King took the grand tour of the gym

Jim Cyr with his 2000 custom Corvette