Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

G Gathering A great day for eatin’ crabs

A great day for eatin’ crabs

The South Norfolk Ruritan Club recently held its 3rd Annual Blue Crab Festival. In spite of the scorching heat, young and old came out to enjoy blue crabs, music, and friends.

Clockwide from left: Molly Deal, Sandy McManus, Sharon and Jim Billsborough

From left: Deputy Kent, Sheriff John Newhart, and Deputy Gordon

Deputy Wright, left, and Deputy Fanelli sold tickets for the 2nd Annual Ping Pong Ball Drop to benefit local charities.

From left: Marie Coward, Lewis Tayon and Lynda Daniel

Entertainment was provided by Little River Boyz

From left: Serving up plenty of blue crabs were Mike Stassi, John Lewis, and Jerry Grizzard

Jeff Graves and Teresa Manalakos

From left: Macy DiPrima, Rachel Sickmier, Alfred Vasile and Randy Sickmier

Barbara and Kenny Sickmier

From left: Savannah Pickering, Debbie Askew, and Kelsey Pickering

Rachel Sickmier, left, and Macy DiPrima

Brothers Tom, left, and Brian DiPrima

From left: Brian DiPrima, Tom DiPrima, Teresa Manalakos and Jeff Graves

Ruritan Harry Tew was on the Sponsorship Committee and helped to make the sponsorship signs

Mike Winterling, Chairman of event, left, and Ray Wicker, owner of Wicker's Crab Pot Seafood, which provided the blue crabs

From left: John Root, Jim Spalenka, and Kent Soule

From left: Sandy and Mark Myers, Karl and Pam Richter