Thursday, January 24th, 2019

G Gathering
        Bowman’s Garden Center and Green Bean Cafe

Bowman’s Garden Center and Green Bean Cafe

Bowman's recently held a Christmas open house featuring a mashed potato bar with two full tables of toppings. Guests browsed the thousands of Christmas decorations while enjoying a night out among friends.

From left: John and Anne DeGiorgi with Jordan Watkins

Bowmans employee Andria Jones

Katherine Nash and Marty Vines

David and Eva Pickelsimer

From left: Phyllis Etheridge, Dovie Loud, and Janet Taylor

Bowmans employees, from left: Sarah Kerr, Alisha Jones, and Melissa Hill

From left: Kathryn Owens, Suzanne Skinner, and Bowmans co-owner Rich Phillips

Bowmans employees Lynette Marsh, left, and Alisha Jones

Co-owner Paul Bowman with Pickles

From left: Brenda Harmon, Helen Gillespie, Sam Breeden, Cindy Ocoa, and Eric Hancock

Kim Adams, left, and Vicki Gaffney