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Beloved pharmacist returns to the Great Bridge/Hickory area

by Candance Moore

Dr. Dino Yambao

Dr. Dino Yambao

When Dr. Dino Yambao opened his independent pharmacy, Warrington Wellness Rx, last summer, he hoped for a warm reception from the neighborhood. The enthusiastic raves that broke out online were more than he expected. Thanks to dedicated patrons, a decades-long reputation for excellent service, and the credentials to handle challenging cases, Dr. Yambao has redefined the pharmacy experience for his community.

Warrington Wellness Rx is a full-service independent pharmacy offering conventional prescriptions, specialty compounds, veterinary compounding, point-of-care health screenings, and private-label high-quality supplements. Curbside pickup, delivery on the Southside, and even long-distance shipping are available. They also offer free pill-packs with four or more medications and/or supplements, which provide convenience and help with patient compliance.

“Social media lit up with people talking about my new pharmacy,” Dr. Yambao happily recalls. “Before then, I hadn’t realized just how much I meant to them. You never know who you’re impacting when you help different people through the years.”

Residents of the Great Bridge/Hickory area may remember Dr. Yambao as the indefatigable friendly pharmacy manager at the Farm Fresh on Centerville Turnpike. For nineteen years, he’d served customers at Farm Fresh, always with a smile, quietly (and unwittingly) building a fanbase. What seemed to him as a common-sense job well done was increasingly appreciated by customers frustrated elsewhere.

“When I speak with a customer, my only focus at that moment is the person in front of me. It just seems like the right thing to do,” Dr. Yambao relates. “And whether I’m at the end of a long day or not, that next patient still needs good service. So, I always stay present.

“Through the years, I started hearing more and more customers express concerns about their care. They trusted me to help them. I’m glad I was able to make their lives a bit easier.”
This Hampton Roads native had always wanted to improve his community one way or another. As a high school student at Kempsville, he wasn’t sure which profession to pursue, but he definitely knew a few requirements. He wanted to raise a loving family, help other people, and have a stable career doing work he could be proud of. After some research, a young Dino set his mind on pharmacology.

Several years later, he returned from VCU with a doctorate in pharmacology. A few twists and turns led him to Farm Fresh. He settled in his hometown, where he married.  He and his wife, Gretchen, now have eight children in a house filled with love.

At Farm Fresh, Dr. Yambao took time daily to give answers to inquisitive patients. He welcomed the extra work of preparing a particular compound for a customized prescription. And by the end of the day, tired but pleased, Dr. Yambao would then go home to help with school work.

Nineteen years passed in this way as customers throughout the community got to know him. The closure of Farm Fresh brought him to a turning point. The store chain had given him the liberty to schedule his work in the way he thought best-served customers. He discovered this wasn’t necessarily the case with other chains. Dr. Yambao realized he had come to enjoy being involved in the more personal aspects of pharmacology, which led him away from major corporate employers.

“My customers truly receive an exceptional experience. I look forward to sharing that experience with more of my neighbors across the Southside.”
                     —Dr. Dino Yambao

He accepted a position at an independent pharmacy in Norfolk. There, he assumed leadership over the compounding department, which led to a particular specialty in hormone and fertility treatments. Prescribing physicians and veterinarians began to remember his name. Patients became friends. The work environment was busy yet intentional, with the customer’s needs always at the forefront. Dr. Yambao quickly knew he belonged at an independent pharmacy.

Back in the Great Bridge/Hickory area, Dr. Yambao’s exit had created a sense of loss among former customers who missed his warm, personalized care. Soon deciding he was ready to return home, he opened Warrington Wellness Rx on Butts Station Road. Relieved customers took to social media with the good news that Dr. Yambao was back. That’s when he fully realized what he’d brought to his community.

Warrington Wellness has a private treatment room where vaccines and  point-of-care health screenings are administered. Dr. Yambao is qualified to check a patient’s blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1c, as well as test them for conditions, such as strep and flu. As for COVID-19, he offers antibody tests that determine if someone has ever been infected by that virus. Dr. Yambao can fill prescriptions with more holistic knowledge of their purpose and effects.

He excels at compounding—the customized mixing of medications not commercially available. He has also invested in state-of-the-art equipment to give his customers the best possible experience. His background in working with more challenging regimens makes him an excellent resource for guiding new patients through that type of treatment.

Warrington Wellness also has over-the-counter products for first aid and basic home care. Wanting to offer trustworthy supplements, Dr. Yambao connected directly with suppliers to develop an in-house brand. His line of professional-grade supplements has been tested for quality, purity, and safety by certified labs using the most advanced equipment and methods. He offers a wide range of vitamins and supplements, including CBD.

The inside of Warrington Wellness is quiet, tidy, and welcoming. Dr. Yambao, on duty every weekday, leads his team with his trademark warm demeanor. Personalized service to every single customer is a given. The pharmacy brings together all of Dr. Yambao’s skills, strengths, and convictions. Happy to get to know his customers individually, he can often be found making the drive to a homebound person’s house to make a delivery.

“My customers truly receive an exceptional experience,” Dr. Yambao says. “I look forward to sharing that experience with more of my neighbors across the Southside.”

Warrington Wellness Rx

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