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Offering the finest products, great service and peace of mind

by Candance Moore

Tony Johnson, co-owner of Family Flooring

Tony Johnson, co-owner of Family Flooring

With today's array of options, the lustrous look of a well-designed floor can brighten any room at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Add in knowledgeable guidance and no-hassle installation, and a gorgeous new floor quickly comes together. That's the experience thousands of customers have had with Family Flooring.

Like every satisfying transaction with a local family-owned business, the process at Family Flooring begins with a conversation. The diversity of available products means there's a perfect floor for the needs of each room, which the staff at Family Flooring is eager to find. Have a high-traffic walkway? There are durable and stylish options for that. Need a cleanable surface for the dining room floor? Low-maintenance hardwood and vinyl tile products come with fantastic eye appeal. Want a tile pattern that will pop in the kitchen? That can be arranged.

Sales associates also bring some hard-learned lessons to help customers avoid a mistake. Certain pets don't do well with laminates, and particular wood grains are not ideal in an environment with high moisture. Such information may (or may not) be discussed with a customer in a corporate box store. At Family Flooring, however, that conversation is standard.

"We enjoy getting to know
a customer's individual needs
and being able to offer
high-quality products
guaranteed to meet those needs.
Helping families feel
more comfortable in
and proud of their home
is why we started this business."
       - Tony Johnson

"For many customers, the first visit to our showroom is to discover the huge variety of products in our selection," Tony Johnson, co-owner, observes. "They've often purchased a home with basic budget flooring products. We introduce them to a world of high-quality choices with plenty of different colors and textures."

Showrooms in Great Bridge and Western Branch allow customers to handle the actual products as they discuss design ideas. Associates, many of whom have been with the company for years, enjoy learning each customer's personal flooring needs. There is often talk of turning a spare bedroom into a home office, remodeling a kitchen to get the family eating together, or decorating a nursery for a coming baby. Homeowners are delighted to find long-lasting quality products able to reflect a bit of their personality.

For those who can't make it to the showroom, in-home consultations are available. The staff at Family Flooring works hard to connect each customer with the perfect floor. While costs can vary a bit across product lines, all products offered by Family Flooring are made of excellent quality materials at the fairest possible price.

"We made a decision when we began not to offer low-end products that we knew would not stand the test of time," Tony says. "We enjoy getting to know a customer's individual needs and being able to offer high-quality products guaranteed to meet those needs. Helping families feel more comfortable in and proud of their home is why we started this business."
Tony and Jeff Jechura founded the business. While working as managers at New York Carpet World, they enjoyed the job but saw opportunities for better customer service. That led to the vision for Family Flooring as a local family business that would give the community more beautiful homes and offices. Sixteen years later, that concept still influences every decision Jeff and Tony make.

For example, Tony explains that his installation crews are more capable than those typically seen in similar companies. Shaving down crew capacity can save the company money. Jeff and Tony say they would rather exceed customers' expectations than to squeeze out another dollar.
"Knowledge and service are essential parts of the flooring business," Tony explains. "No matter how much is invested in the product, a poor installation experience can ruin it. We don't stop providing great service when the deal is signed. The last steps of our process are as important in guaranteeing high value as the first steps."

Installers are dedicated full-time workers who have been personally chosen by Jeff and Tony. Family Flooring owes much of its success to their track record of tidiness, punctuality, professionalism, and approachability. They can accommodate any hygiene or distancing requests a customer may have. When the job is complete, they clean up everything, leaving the customer to do nothing but sit back and enjoy their new floor. Customers often return for new flooring in another section of their home once they've seen how such an easy and affordable investment can dramatically improve the look of one room.

Another decision Jeff and Tony made was to avoid sales events for marketing. Regular prices at Family Flooring are set at the most affordable rate, and each customer gets the same deal, whether it's a holiday weekend or a Tuesday in August. As Tony explains, not only is it fair treatment, but it's also less stressful for customers. No one feels pressured to visit on certain weekends or sign a contract before a sale ends. When a customer is ready to look at new floors- and later when they're prepared to commit to installation- they can move forward at their own pace knowing the price won't change next week. When a manufacturer drops the supply cost of a product, Family Flooring passes the discount to customers. The goal is to make the best, most appropriate product as affordable as possible for homeowners.
Tony and Jeff admit they've made some unorthodox decisions. In an economy of ruthless bottom lines and ominous corporate shadows, it sounds unlikely that a family business could succeed by leaving money on the table. Yet after 16 years and counting, Family Flooring has proven the naysayers wrong.

"There's something to be said for a great job done at a fair price," Tony remarks. "The peace of mind in knowing an installation was done properly; the confidence in knowing a product is absolutely suited for a certain room- those intangibles are priceless. We've connected with a community of customers who recognize that value, and they keep returning to us for their flooring needs. We must be doing something right!"

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