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Sharing the benefits of holistic pet care

by Cristi Sanchez

Mollie, Rose and Joli—the trusted Holistic Pet Care team at Ole Fox—have helped more that 2000 dogs achieve better health through nutrition.

Mollie, Rose and Joli—the trusted Holistic Pet Care team at Ole Fox—have helped more that 2000 dogs achieve better health through nutrition.

At a time when dog food is a frequent topic of discussion among nutrient-savvy pet owners, one small business backs up the health benefits of its products with extensive research. That business is The Ole Fox Holistic Pet Care in Moyock, N.C.

"I have spent the last five years of my life reading dog food labels, talking to dog food nutritionists, and attending industry trade events," Rose Thompson, founder of the company, states with passion.  "I love sharing my findings to help educate my customers!"

Sidelined from her 15-year law enforcement career by a freak accident that resulted in a brain injury in 2013,  Rose decided to make something positive out of a devastating situation and open The Ole Fox in 2015. Her passion for animals, however, dates back to her childhood in Italy, where animals were her frequent friends and companions. 

"When I was a little girl in the countryside of Italy," Rose recalls fondly, "Mom always had a connection with nature. She loved to garden. She canned her own vegetables and raised chickens. Out in the country, I had only one friend, so I wound up playing with chickens, dogs, and street cats. They became my friends. I mean, who names 20 chickens?" she laughs. "I believe connecting with nature and animals, and having empathy for their needs makes us better human beings."

"We all need a purpose," Rose declares. When she could not return to her law enforcement career, she lost her sense of purpose and became depressed. Rose's situation changed when she decided to help animals achieve better health through better foods!  

Now she is proud that none of the dog foods at Ole Fox contain corn, wheat, or soy, the three top grains that cause skin conditions.  "We have foods with good, wholesome grains, as well as foods that are ideal for raw, limited-ingredient, and grain-free diets," she explains. "It really depends on the dog's breed, age, and specific needs as to which food is appropriate. We can help customers narrow it down. We are here to educate consumers on how to make decisions based on facts." 

"The answer lies in the ingredients list," Rose explains. "For starters, look for the words corn, wheat, or soy.   They are fillers and have no nutritional value for your dog.  They add unnecessary starches to your dog's diet. They can elevate yeast levels, trigger conditions like itching, paw licking, ear infections, and brown staining around the eyes. They cause more serious problems: diabetes, pancreatitis, obesity, and hyperactivity.  One widely used ingredient is corn gluten meal, which is also used as a pesticide. I have seen ingredients that are banned in Europe still being used here."

"We give a one-on-one customer experience
We know our customer.
We know their dogs,
and we know their dogs' issues.
Our customers really appreciate that." 

- Joli Leimkuehler

Rose believes that poor nutrition may be the reason that more than half of all dogs die of cancer. "But there is good news," she reveals. "Higher quality food doesn't cost more.   Some of these dog foods Ole Fox sells straight off the pallet due to their affordable prices.  We don't have time to restock it, so we just put out entire pallets now." 

"We have rewards programs to earn free toys, treats, and food," Rose continues. "Plus, we have "Cash Wednesday' every week, which allows customers to save an extra five percent on cash purchases.  Customers really enjoy the easy ways to save money and earn rewards."

Running her own business has not been without its challenges, however. For the past two years, her husband has been serving his final tour of duty in Tennessee. "Moves are not easy, small business is not easy, but these are the sacrifices many military families endure," Rose smiles. "In making this work for the past two years, I know I have a passion for what I do."

Sophie, a very happy, healthy and loyal Ole Fox customer since 2015

Sophie, a very happy, healthy and loyal Ole Fox customer since 2015

Despite the distance, Rose's daughter, Joli Leimkuehler, with the help of faithful long-time employee Mollie Herrit, continued the operations at the Ole Fox in her mother's absence.

 "This is the hardest thing I've seen my mother do: leave my 13-year-old brother behind in Tennessee to come here to the store for ten days a month," Joli says. "She has done this month after month for two years. We've managed to make it work, and we look forward to them moving back here soon."

"Luckily, our customers have been supportive of the changes that took place over the past two years," Rose shares. "This store means a lot to me, to our employees, and, I believe, to our community." 

"We give a one-on-one customer experience," Joli insists. "We know our customers. We know their dogs, and we know their dogs' issues. Our customers really appreciate that." 

With their personalized approach for each and every customer, as well as high success rates, Rose and her staff have earned their customers' trust. They have made loyal customers for life. People regularly drive to their store from as far away as the Outer Banks and Newport News.

"These customers cross bridges to come here because of the continued support we provide them," Roses says gratefully. "They love the fact that we are always 100 percent genuine and honest about their pet's wellbeing. I am not able to be physically at the store of 100 percent of the time. Therefore, I make myself personally available 24/7 via The Ole Fox Facebook page messenger, and also through our contact us page at" 

As Rose's husband nears his 30-year mark of military service, she looks forward to moving back to Moyock- which she lovingly calls "this priceless small town."

"I served my community as a police officer for 15 years," Rose says with humility. "Now my calling is to help every person that comes into our store. What is happening now with the dog food industry is similar to what happened in the "60s with cigarettes.  A lot of misinformation was put out just to sell, putting dogs' health at risk. Keeping on top of what is best for animals' health isn't easy, but we do it because we all have a calling."

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