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Robert Stamey's Company Name Reflects His Ethics

by Jean Loxley-Barnard

Owner Robert Stamey

Owner Robert Stamey

Robert Stamey has chosen the right career. He loves real estate, and it returns the favor! The name of his company is ideally suited for the way he operates it, reminding clients every day that he has A Better Way to sell real estate. When Robert discusses the ins and outs of real estate, he peppers his talk with examples of how he found "a better way" to do this and "a better way" to do that in serving clients. A Better Way Realty fits Robert Stamey's life, his work ethics, and his personality.

"I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit," Robert says. "I wanted to provide for my own family and also the families of the people on my team." He is thrilled that his plan for the company is in place and succeeding.

Clients are surprised to find that this record-setting Realtor® was not always in this business. Robert served in the United States Army and Industrial Sales until he was 40. But those born to be entrepreneurs eventually gravitate to their own business.

"I came to realize I wanted to transition to self-employment," he recalls. "I knew there had to be a better way to create a business for myself and others, and I found it in real estate." Robert has been in real estate for over thirteen years now; he has a team of ten agents and has never looked back.

He did, however, have a few surprises when he entered real estate. "The biggest surprise for me was to find out how many Realtors® practice Real Estate part-time. Additionally, how many Realtors® don't make themselves available to their clients after hours. Robert points out this is where his team concept came into fruition. Robert's team members alternate daily, answering clients' calls, and taking the necessary actions to serve their clients better. Robert credits his team of professionals for his success. "I truly have some of the best people in the business, and we are in a people business.  I'm very selective of the agents I hire and only associate myself with overachievers."

The  dedicated team of A Better Way Realty

The dedicated team of A Better Way Realty

A Better Way Realty takes great pride in the fact that while they are serving their customers, they are developing lasting friends. "That is 100 percent the best part of being in sales," the affable Realtor® insists.

Asked what has been the most disappointing aspect of his career, Robert does not miss a beat: "The most disappointing part is knowing that even though we have a better and less expensive way to sell customers' homes, we haven't been able to get that message out to everyone." Looking at the sunny side of that situation, however, Robert reports that his greatest reward comes when a client tells him, "I am not calling you because you are the cheapest, even though you are; I'm calling you because you get the job done." Robert Stamey is most proud when receiving such sincere compliments. 

Robert reports his greatest reward
comes when a client tells him,
"I am not calling you
because you are the cheapest,
even though you are.
I'm calling you because
you get the job done."
Robert Stamey is most proud
when receiving
 such sincere compliments.

A thorough businessman, Robert first chose to work for several national real estate chains in order to learn how the business is typically handled. "One problem I observed was how Realtors® are typically constrained by corporate guidelines- having very little flexibility when it came to the commissions that are charged to my clients."  It became very clear to this entrepreneur that freedom inherent in having one's own independent company brought with its tremendous advantages. "Having my own company gives me the flexibility to sit in my clients' living rooms and offer them the lowest possible commission without stepping on any corporate guidelines. For me, it is clearly a better way – and thus our company name."

Robert Stamey with his daughters, Holly and Heather, and his wife, Barbara.

Robert Stamey with his daughters, Holly and Heather, and his wife, Barbara.

Robert is conscious of the increasing commissions charged in today's real estate market. "We have found a way to maintain our level of commission as in years past," he continues with pride. "Because of that, we can keep the promise we've made to our clients to be the most affordable way to sell their homes. No one charges less than we do!"

Robert explains the most astounding change in real estate in recent years has been the level of internet marketing. Realtors® must have a firm grasp on internet marketing to give their clients the most exposure possible. Robert spares no expense when it comes to internet marketing for his clients' listings.

Additionally, Robert and his team provide extras- such as virtual staging, virtual tour videos, professional photography, and drone photography of properties- for no additional charge. In their efforts to sell properties quickly and efficiently, Robert's team is happy to make themselves available to clients and to offer free-of-charge advantages that other companies mark up as add-ons costs. Less than a decade ago, Robert Stamey co-founded a real estate company in Hampton Roads- a market that had just been through a crash. Recently, to better serve clients on the Outer Banks, he opened a second office in Barco, of which he is the sole owner.  A Better Way's reputation for ethics and efficiency has spread to the point where a third location is now in the planning stages.

As A Better Way Realty grows with Robert Stamey at its helm, its team of caring professionals will continue giving superb service- going to their clients, sitting with them in their living rooms and offering them everything they need for a quick sale, for a fair price at a low rate. Simply put, they have a better way to sell homes!

A Better Way Realty

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