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Offering superb service and peace of mind

by Cristi Sanchez

Owner Ben Young

Owner Ben Young

Nothing is worse than trying to warm a home on a chilly night only to find that the heater is not working properly. That's why Ben Young, president and owner of Hybrid Air Heating and Cooling, recommends that now is the time for homeowners to get their heating systems checked and serviced.

"It's very important to have gas furnaces and heat pumps checked and serviced for safe and proper operations," he explains. "Heating and cooling systems are like cars.  Without proper maintenance, things don't work properly. Twice yearly service prolongs the longevity of system equipment, keeping it safe and operable."

Ben, who has worked in HVAC for 26 years, has seen over and over again how homeowners put to the test the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it,' often to disastrous results.  Many have waited until their unit completely stops working, usually at a very inappropriate time, leaving them in a bind without their climate control when they need it the most. 

"Even though a system is running, it doesn't necessarily mean that everything is in perfect working order," Ben reveals. "There could be mechanical surprises waiting inside even a seemingly well-working unit that could cause it to malfunction or stop working at any time. That's why it's so important to have all HVAC systems checked, cleaned, and serviced twice a year- usually in fall and then sometime between late spring and early summer.  If a system does have an unseen issue, we can find it before it becomes something larger or more expensive. It's much cheaper and more convenient to have a system serviced twice a year than to have the whole thing replaced."

Not only can proper biannual servicing of heating and cooling systems detect and prevent problems, but it can also keep the systems running efficiently, thereby saving homeowners money. "I often hear people complain about higher energy bills." Ben shares. "I always tell them that if their energy bills are creeping up, chances are the system is inefficient from lack of maintenance.  One simple cleaning can save someone up to $300 a year in energy bills."

Hybrid Air clients have multiple options for the maintenance of heating and cooling systems.  One option is the Hybrid Air service agreement. "Clients can get very affordable, reasonable service agreements that cover super tune-ups and pay for themselves in a year," Ben explains. "We even have a special right now where if a customer purchases a regular cleaning and tune-up, we can apply that cost toward our service agreement program." Qualified, certified technicians perform all service and maintenance for Hybrid Air, and Ben is very proud of his workforce and the work that they do.

"It's much cheaper and more convenient
to have a system serviced twice a year
than to have the whole thing replaced."

- Ben Young

"We've found truly amazing technicians to work for us," he says with pride. "It comes down to them.  They present themselves as professionals in what they do and provide high-tiered customer service.  Of course, we couldn't do any of it without our amazing support team in the office. It's a true team effort here."

Ben ensures high-quality service with his technicians and staff by providing regular inhouse training. "We meet weekly and review standard operating procedures, and regularly train our employees in customer service," he states. "We'll simulate real-life scenarios, so technicians know how to treat each customer as a unique individual with courtesy and respect."

That dedication to high-quality customer service, as well as to technical expertise, has gained Hybrid Air the distinction of being a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer.  Trane, a top of the line heating and cooling brand, assigns that title only to heating and cooling companies who meet their rigorous standards of customer service and continuing education. 

"We have to maintain a very high level of customer service from all technicians, and every technician is required to take classes to stay up to date on the latest technologies to obtain this recognition," Ben says. "By having this seal of approval from Trane, we feel we can offer our customers peace of mind in knowing that we do high-quality work with superb service."

Along with peace of mind, Hybrid Air offers its clients a unique service: technician tracker.  Not only can customers check their technician's location online to see when they're close by, but they also get pictures and information about who will be coming to their home to service their unit. 

"We're really excited about this service," Ben enthuses. "It's a really unique feature that most companies don't offer.  Customers get to see a photo and bio of the technician coming to their home, so they know who to expect and what their expertise is. They get to learn a little about the technicians before meeting them.  It provides our customers with an added sense of security.  They will recognize who is coming to their door, and it makes them feel more comfortable about having them in their home."

That care and service provided to clients over the years have been the foundation of Hybrid Air's success.  Loyal, happy customers frequently recommend Hybrid Air to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. "There's no question that a good portion of our business comes from not just return business, but client word of mouth," Ben acknowledges. "We've built relationships with our clients over the years, and we take care of them.  We've developed a sense of rapport, and because of that, they trust us."

Hybrid Air has been so successful that they had to move to a new location.  Increased calls for business prompted hiring more employees and adding to the company's fleet of vehicles.  After outgrowing their previous location, Ben decided to renovate a 10,000 square foot building on Voyager Court in Virginia Beach. "We've grown a lot and will be celebrating our first anniversary in our new office this month," Ben smiles. "We're excited to be here and about where things are going for us."

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