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Offering the highest quality car care to all

by Cristi Sanchez

Kyle Loftus, Operations Manager  of AAA Suffolk Car Care Center

Kyle Loftus, Operations Manager of AAA Suffolk Car Care Center

A two-fold secret is hiding in plain sight on Bridge Road in the heart of the Bennett's Creek section of Suffolk. The AAA Suffolk Car Care Center is clearly visible to those driving by, but the building's modern design is so sleek, appealing, and upscale that most people would never associate it with automotive care.

Kyle Loftus, AAA Suffolk Car Care Center's operations manager, is quick to point out that the building was intentionally designed to look unique. "We don't resemble the typical auto garage, and we wanted it to be that way," Kyle reveals. "We didn't want to look like just another run-of-the-mill car service center. We wanted our shop to reflect the quality of service that people will receive here backed by the AAA brand."

And indeed, it does. The center's gracefully curved façade of steel, blonde brick, and blue-tinted glass looks as fresh and new today as it did when it was built over a decade ago. Coming through the front doors, customers enter an inviting space with vast windows, bright walls, and modern furnishings where travel help, insurance, and AAA member services are available. The automotive shop and its bays are tucked away in the back of the complex. "People look at our building and might not even know that the car care center is here," Kyle says with a smile. "We want to let people know that we are here, ready to provide all of the high-quality services Americans have come to expect when they see the AAA logo."

Now that the first secret is out, Kyle is eager to share the second secret about AAA Car Care Centers: their services are available to everyone. "We're not like other membership businesses," he explains. "For instance, if someone wants to shop at one of the big membership-based warehouse chain stores, they can't get in unless they buy a membership. But people do not have to be AAA members to come here for car repairs or maintenance. AAA Car Care Center services are open to anyone who needs or wants to use them."

As a competitively priced full-service automotive garage with state-of-the-art repair technology, those services cover everything but bodywork. While anyone can utilize AAA Car Care Center's services, AAA members receive extra perks, such as half-off state inspections, free tire repairs, significantly reduced prices on batteries, discounts on parts and labor, and a 24 month/24,000-mile warranty, which is double the auto repair industry standard.

Since the Suffolk location also provides multiple AAA services on-site, members can conveniently get last-minute travel insurance or travel guides and Trip Tiks while getting their cars serviced for the trip.

"People do not have to be
AAA members to come here
for car repairs or maintenance.
AAA Car Care Center services
are open to anyone
who needs or wants to use them."

 - Kyle Loftus

For members and non-members alike, Kyle points out the most significant advantage to having cars serviced by AAA Car Care Centers. "Being backed by the AAA brand is what sets us apart from other auto repair facilities," he states with conviction. "If someone goes to Joe Schmo's Garage and there's an issue with Joe Schmo, say they don't get along or don't see eye to eye, and there's an issue with service, the buck stops there. AAA, on the other hand, has a reputation to uphold and stands behind its work 100 percent. We have corporate standards that all of our centers adhere to. Our corporate office is based here in Hampton Roads, so people can know that they're dealing with a local business committed to excellence."

It was that AAA brand and reputation that drew Kyle to seek employment with the company 15 years ago, and the Western Branch native has loved every minute of it.

The AAA Suffolk Car Care Center on Bridge Road in the Bennett’s Creek area.

The AAA Suffolk Car Care Center on Bridge Road in the Bennett’s Creek area.

Kyle started his career in automotive service at a AAA approved facility in Portsmouth after graduating from Western Branch High School, and quickly worked his way up the ladder from oil changer to the manager in the short span of three years. When the opportunity to work for AAA arose, Kyle jumped at the chance. He was hired as a manager and helped AAA standardize and set up their model for auto repair centers. One year after the new Suffolk facility opened, Kyle transferred there and became Operations Manager.

A self-described "people person,' Kyle has spent the last 15 years employing his excellent customer service, management, and organizational talents to exemplify AAA's commitment to total customer satisfaction. "Our main goal within the AAA family of services, from insurance to travel and roadside assistance, to auto care, is total customer satisfaction," Kyle emphasizes. "We don't want just basic customer satisfaction; we want that "Wow' moment of total satisfaction for each and every customer."

Kyle ensures customers receive that total satisfaction through the through, quality work of each of his ASE certified technicians. "I expect my guys to do a good job and get it right the first time. Customer satisfaction is dependent on the integrity of our work. All AAA techs are expected to deliver with integrity the high-quality work long associated with the AAA brand. We take our reputation seriously."

Kyle follows AAA guidelines in running background checks on every potential hire. "When repairing cars, our techs have access to the customers' personal zones- the glove box, the trunk, the console, the keys- so we make sure to do extensive background checks and only hire honest people. We also have cameras installed in the shop so that customers will know their cars and belongings are safe. I've heard horror stories of other non-AAA facilities where laptops and personal belongings have been stolen. That will never happen here!" he states emphatically.

Though many may not have realized that AAA Suffolk Car Care Center is on Bridge Road, for a growing number of people it is no secret that it is not an average, run-of-the-mill auto service garage. Backed by the AAA brand, reputation, and standards, it endeavors to provide total customer satisfaction through quality work and peace of mind that vehicles are being repaired, maintained, and cared for properly to AAA's high standards.

AAA Suffolk Car Care Center

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