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Making and keeping promises for 30 years

by Candance Moore

Owner Pam Standish of  Premier Roofing and Siding.

Owner Pam Standish of Premier Roofing and Siding.

When Jeff and Pam Standish started a home exterior business in 1989, they chose the name Premier to signify a heartfelt pursuit of perfection. They wanted it all: a local family business with personal, attentive service; industry-leading access to innovative products; in-house craftsmen who consistently deliver spectacular results; and to make this level of quality available to ordinary homeowners at a fair cost. They were indeed shooting for the moon. The journey took a few unexpected turns, but as Premier Roofing and Siding celebrates its 30th anniversary, Pam is proud to say they hit their target.

It's still a family business with trusted long-term employees who were there during Premier's early years. Along the way, they became a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, with access to the latest products and the most robust warranties. They also became an exclusive provider for Cedar Ridge's ground-breaking insulated siding in Hampton Roads. As if that weren't enough, they also pioneered custom-shape trim that never needs painting, to give their customers the best of style and durability.

Premier is a full-service Class A contractor that offers roofs, siding, stone accents, windows, trim, gutters, and porch rails. The business is known for creating new construction looks at remodeling costs, overseen by a leadership team that genuinely connects with their customers. It specializes in giving homeowners a dream exterior that increases property value while often lowering the maintenance workload.

Jeff got Premier off to a great start, but Pam, along with General Manager Ann Strader, has beaten the odds to elevate this business since Jeff passed away. When Pam suddenly assumed sole responsibility for the couple's commercial and personal property, she focused on better understanding Premier's customers.

"I learned some hard lessons on my own property," Pam recalls. "Undersized gutters that stay chronically clogged, wet leaves making a weak spot on the roof, wood trim that has to be painted and repainted - these things are exhausting! At least I had a business through which I could solve these problems."

Bringing on Ann as General Manager, Pam sought to make Premier a problem-solving company. She personally visited house after house to see what challengers her workers faced. Old siding and shingles were often removed to reveal deteriorated wood hidden beneath, giving Premier's installers an extra task before the job could even begin. Meanwhile, elderly homeowners with no means of doing labor-intensive maintenance work themselves often had to pay for repairing damages that could have been avoided. Dissatisfied with merely offering standard options, Pam and Ann sought solutions.

"If people honor us
with a chance to work on their home,
we make specific promises,
 and we keep them.
That's our business in a nutshell."

- Pam Standish

"We use the Cedar Ridge Insulated product," Ann explains. "It is innovative, and now has built-in water drainage channels, radiant heat reflection properties, and it is infused with a pest repellent in the insulation that is fully adhered to the back of the siding panel. The siding is warranted to withstand up to 160 mph winds to cover materials and labor to repair or replace if necessary."

  The remodeled front porch of Nancy Murphy’s Virginia Beach home is an example of <BR>Premier’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The remodeled front porch of Nancy Murphy’s Virginia Beach home is an example of
Premier’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.

"Standard siding is great for keeping the elements out- as long as nothing goes wrong," Pam explains with a smile. "If undesirable elements find a way to get back there, standard products have no Plan B. We wanted to offer our customers something better. We are definitely excited and honored to still offer this great product as the exclusive contractor in Hampton  Roads for 20 plus years."

Next came the issue of conventional trims. While the initial low cost of wood trim may be appealing, carpenter bees and the need for constant repainting eventually drive homeowners to search for a better product. There are bendable aluminum options that look good but may still require routine painting. "Premier Roofing and Siding uses a pvc coated aluminum metal that we custom bend to form around the exterior trim of your home," Ann says. "Our installers create stunning crown mold designs that we bend on-site during installation to ensure a custom fit." Creating custom trim is a highly advanced skill that Premier's in-house craftsmen train for years to master before being put to work on a customer's property.

"Our guys light up when they see the fruits of their labor," Ann relays with a chuckle. "This isn't just a job to them: it's a badge of honor. We send them to a customer's home in full confidence that they'll stay until the work is perfect."

Perfection is one word that homeowner Nancy Murphy could use to describe Premier's recent renovation her Colonial-style home's front porch.

"Our front porch turned out beautifully!" Nancy says, enthusiastically. "With new railing, posts, porch ceiling, and guttering, Premier made the entire front of our house look brand new! The crew's attention to detail made all the difference. All of our neighbors were so impressed. When they asked who did the work, I was happy and proud to  tell them it was Premier Roofing and Siding!"

General Manager, Ann is something of a perfectionist herself. Her impact on the company has been so profound that Pam is in the process of making her a partner.

Teamwork is an essential concept at Premier and is responsible for everything from the smooth communication between departments to timely completion of tasks. Customers are kept updated every step of the way with detailed, easy-to-understand documents outlining what needs to be done.

Premier's product lines come in a variety of textures, styles, and colors to create a fresh look that will last. If there's a way to alleviate common homeowner hassles, Pam's team offers it. Homeowners often call first for the basics such as roofing, unaware that affordable solutions exist for other maintenance issues. Premier meets with customers for casual, no-pressure conversations in which homeowners' needs are discussed, and service options are explored. Clients are often so impressed by the first project that they call again with new requests.

"As a busy woman, I lead my company to treat people the way I like to be treated," Pam notes. "No hard sales tactics. No wasting people's time. We offer information as clearly and efficiently as possible, then we let customers make their own decisions. If people honor us with a chance to work on their home, we make specific promises, and we keep them. That's our business in a nutshell!"

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