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With knowledge, expertise and an infectious sense of humor, Vinny Menniti is a trusted advisor

by Cristi Sanchez

Vinny Menniti, owner of MVP Agencies

Vinny Menniti, owner of MVP Agencies

What's in a name? In the case of MVP Agencies - Vinny Menniti's senior-centered insurance agency - the name has a two-fold meaning, representing the things that he values most in life: his family and his clients. The MVP acronym is widely recognized as standing for Most Valuable Person, which speaks to the treatment Vinny gives to each and every one of his clients. However, the company's name sheds light on what's most near and dear to his heart. The letters also stand for the first initial in each of his grandchildren's names: Mckenzi, Vincent, Paul, and Anthony.

In the insurance industry since 1975, this personable, jovial, seasoned insurance advisor is a devoted family man. In fact, it was his close ties to his children and grandchildren that brought Vinny and his wife, Joyce, to Chesapeake. In 1996 Vinny's job relocated them from their hometown in the Bronx, NY to Greensboro, NC. Their son, Scott, soon followed them. There he met and married his wife.

In 2009, Scott got a lucrative job offer that moved his family to Virginia Beach. The devoted, doting grandparents instantly missed their family. They tried commuting for visits, but it wasn't the same.

"We'd drive four and a half hours every other weekend to visit the grandkids. It was too much," Vinny explains. Although entrenched in Greensboro with successful jobs, Vinny and Joyce decided to leave. "Even with good jobs, a nice house, and great friends, without the family, there wasn't enough to keep us there," Joyce explains. "Yep, family is number one," Vinny adds emphatically.

After selling his Allstate business, Vinny and Joyce left Greensboro to start anew in Chesapeake near the family. "We absolutely love Chesapeake!" Vinny happily declares. "The people here are wonderful! In 65 years of life, I've never had as many friends as we have here. It's a very friendly place."

After the move, Vinny joined Humana where he worked for 10 years. In January 2019, he tried semi-retirement after taking advantage of an early retirement plan Humana offered. "After a while, I decided "I can't retire- I don't play golf, and I don't have a boat!'" he jokes with a hearty laugh. "So I decided to hang out my own shingle as a broker." Relying on his 15 years of experience with senior insurance products, Vinny opened MVP Agencies.

Vinny Menniti specializes in helping seniors and those on disability <BR>obtain Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans.

Vinny Menniti specializes in helping seniors and those on disability
obtain Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans.

Vinny specializes in helping seniors and people on disability obtain Medicare and Medicaid health insurance plans. His products include Medicare Advantage and supplemental plans, prescription drug plans, dental/vision plans, hospital indemnity plans, and life insurance. Vinny works with most major carriers of Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplemental plans, which provides clients with more options.

"Being a broker, I'm not pigeonholed to finding a product from just one company," he explains. "I can look at all the carriers that I work with and see which will work best for the client. With more options to choose from, I can better help clients and personalize plans."

"They don't pay more for their plan buying from me.
With me, they get the advantage
of an available local agent who knows them
and provides personal service and guidance. "

- Vinny Menniti

Vinny's clients hold a special place in his heart. He goes out of his way to help them navigate the often-confusing world of post-retirement health insurance, making his wealth of knowledge readily available so that they get the guidance and information they need.

With the extensive Medicare and supplemental plan choices available, details can be baffling and intimidating. "The Medicare landscape can be very confusing," he concedes. "Clients aren't sure what they need to do or how they need to do it. They need someone to help guide them through their plan options. That's what I do. I love helping people."

Vinny advises his clients to look beyond the price tag when choosing insurance. While some plans may have lower monthly payments, that price may come with a limited network of physicians. "Clients need to consider which plan includes their doctors in their network," he explains.

He also stresses his prices are the same as those online. "They don't pay more for their plan buying from me. With me, they get the advantage of an available local agent who knows them and provides personal service and guidance. They're not reaching someone in a call center who has no knowledge of them as an individual."

For Vinny, it's essential that every client receives the same patience and respect that he would give to his own parents. He's very respectful of and attentive to their concerns and security.

"Ninety-seven percent of my interviews with people are in their homes. Occasionally some are uncomfortable having strangers in their home, which is fully understandable; so we'll meet in a room at the library. It's non-threatening and works for everybody," Vinny explains. He also ensures that clients' family is there to hear the information if desired or necessary.

Vinny wants his clients to be protected, not just with insurance but with knowledge. "I ensure that my clients are informed and educated. I'm very thorough in going over everything with them. I show them the information and where they can find it themselves. I tell them, "Don't just accept information from people without getting proof about what you're being told. It's okay to question. Make people show you where something's written down or look it up yourself to validate it.'"

Thoroughness, care, laughter, guidance, and kindness: all hallmarks of the personalized service that Vinny Menniti provides every MVP Agencies client. Vinny sees each and every client as a "most valuable person,' putting great thought and care into every encounter, and treating each one like family. "I love what I do. I love being there for them," Vinny states simply and sincerely.

Joyce perfectly sums up Vinny's dedication to his clients. "For him, this is more than a job," she concludes. "I see that he loves helping clients. When he's talking to them, there's a smile on his face and a smile in their voices. They really, truly love him. He's their trusted advisor. For Vinny, it's not about the money; it's about the people. That's why he's successful."

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