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Advises choosing a company, not an individual

by Christine Knapp

Dennis Thompson, owner of Maid For You

Dennis Thompson, owner of Maid For You

With the busy lives most lead today, keeping the house clean can quickly become an overwhelming task. For the last 30 years, Maid For You has allowed clients across Hampton Roads to focus on what they love to do- play with their kids, go to Busch Gardens, work on the yard, or even paperwork - rather than clean the house.

Dennis Thompson, the owner of Maid For You, finds great satisfaction in running a company that helps families and businesses free up time. He points out the big benefit of choosing a company for cleaning services versus hiring an individual. "Convenience and insurance," he says with pride. "With hiring a professional cleaning service like our Maid For You, there are definite advantages. We have over 30 trained staff members who can jump in and pick up a job if someone is out sick. We also have insurance, covering a wide range of any accidental damage that could potentially occur."

"On the other hand," Dennis points out, "If an individual cleans your house regularly, but his or her child is out sick, your house won't get cleaned that day. Additionally, if the individual was to accidentally break something in the home, or ruin your floors, that either comes out of your cleaner's pocket, or you simply won't be reimbursed for the damage."

Because Maid For You is independently-owned, it is able to offer flexibility to clients. Specific house or business cleanings can be set up on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. A thorough walk-through is conducted prior to a cleaning, so all the client's needs are established, and every request is met when service starts. Then, a customer profile is set up in the system, so that anyone cleaning can be aware of the client's preferences, such as certain cleaning supplies to use or an item that must be cleaned in a specific way.

"Because customer satisfaction is number one," Dennis insists, "we pay attention to our clients' needs. We conduct thorough background checks and drug screenings prior to hiring applicants onto our team, and each employee wears a uniform and drives a company car so that they can be easily recognizable to neighbors. We also train our employees in tricks of the trade- which I can't share here," he smiles, "and inspectors follow up from time to time after cleaning services are completed to ensure they meet Maid For You standards. This keeps customers happy, and some have been with me for over 20 years!"

In addition, comment cards are left for customers to complete after cleanings. All these steps help Dennis maintain his reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction. He attributes this to the work ethic that was ingrained in him as a boy.

"Growing up on a tobacco farm, with eight of us kids, we spent a lot of time helping our parents. I think they may have had so many of us so that they'd have help on the farm!" Dennis quips.

This early principle carried over into Dennis' former sales career as well, prior to launching his cleaning services' business.

"I would spend hours in the car covering large territories," he recalls. "I was burnt out and had very little time for my family. Finally, I came home late one Thursday night and told my wife I just couldn't do it anymore." That's when Dennis began dreaming of owning his own company.

"They are so professional
and do not miss a thing.
They are also very accommodating
and flexible if I have to change the day
for my house cleaning."

 - Debra Kwasny

He started by cleaning for neighbors and local businesses. Over the course of a few months, Dennis made door hangers and placed over 7,000 of them around local shops and neighborhoods, promoting his services. Once he built up his book of business, he combined it with an already established company called Maid For You, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Serving customers across Hampton Roads and beyond, Dennis and his team serve customers in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Williamsburg, and go as far north as Henrico County and as far west as Smithfield, Courtland, and Franklin. His team even works a few days a week in Moyock, NC, just south of Chesapeake.

"We have some teams that cover specific territories so that other teams stay closer to home and cover more in a day that way without having to travel too far," Dennis describes. "This hopefully helps keep our employees happy, too!"

Members of the Maid For You team

Members of the Maid For You team

Though Dennis is primarily in a management role – overseeing day-to-day operations and managing staff – he is never afraid to get his hands dirty – literally!

"There were times when we were first getting started when I would have to jump in and help clean houses," he remembers. "If a team was falling behind schedule, I would step in and offer an extra set of hands. It's teamwork.

Susan Hatter, the office manager in Virginia Beach, agrees with the teamwork philosophy.

"We're more like a family," Susan says. "Dennis is considerate and understanding of people's wants and needs. It doesn't even feel like I'm going into work or a job every day. We all look out for each other."

Whether for home or business, Maid For You offers free estimates to anyone who calls and requests an appointment. They also provide move-in/move-out and construction cleaning.

Debra Kwasny is a satisfied client of Maid For You. She has tried other cleaning service companies in the past, but none who compare to Dennis' tried-and-true business.

"They are so professional and do not miss a thing," Debra says. "They are also very accommodating and flexible if I have to change the day for my house cleaning."

Hiring a cleaning service is meant to brighten the customer's day and free up time in one's hectic schedule. The feeling that one gets when walking into an expertly-cleaned home or business is what Maid For You is all about.

"We clean for the customer as if they'd cleaned for themselves," Dennis smiles. "That's the Maid For You promise."

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