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Creating and maintaining beautiful lawns through every season of the year

by Cristi Sanchez

Rich Linehan, owner of New Image Lawns and Scapes <BR>Photo by Kaiser Custom Images

Rich Linehan, owner of New Image Lawns and Scapes
Photo by Kaiser Custom Images

As another summer comes to close, many people think they can put aside any concerns about their lawn until the return of spring. 

"Not so," Rich Linehan, owner of New Image Lawns and Scapes, says. "This is the time of year to start dealing with those pesky weeds and replenishing our fescue lawns. A certain percentage of fescue lawn dies off naturally because it is a cool season turf. That's why we seed and aerate every year: to replenish it. As we move into early autumn, now is the time to start thinking about that."
For those who have had enough of doing yard work or those who are simply short on time, Rich  is ready to come to the rescue with his lawn and landscaping services and friendly, down-to-earth demeanor.

In 2007, Rich established New Image, a full-service lawn and landscape company, provides a wide range of year-round services, including lawn and landscape management, landscape design and installation, mulch installation, and turf management with weed and pest control to residential and commercial customers.

"New Image Lawn and Scapes
is the only lawn maintenance company for us...
We needed a maintenance company
that we could build a relationship with and trust.
That personal service and integrity
are the hallmark of their business."

- Lee  Brinn

Trained in landscape and turf management, Rich uses his commitment to excellence and his 27 years of experience to deliver high-quality results to all of his customers. "My job is about quality, not quantity," Rich says. "It's about individual customers and their lawns, not how many lawns in a neighborhood I can service. My job is to meet the customer's lawn and landscaping needs with quality materials and workmanship so they can have nice, green, manicured lawns that they can take pride in." Rich likes to refer to New Image as "a one-stop-shop" for quality lawn services. "A lot of homeowners actually have multiple people maintain their yard and landscape, which can actually cost more; whereas, with a full-service landscape company, it's one price for everything."
In providing quality services to his clients, Rich tries to make things easy and convenient through three different full-service packages, each providing a little more than the one before it: All-Star, MVP, and Hall of Fame. "Both of my boys, Dylan and Landyn, are heavily involved in sports, hence the package names," Rich adds with a chuckle.

The Hall of Fame package, New Image's most popular, provides everything in the first two packages plus one mulch application per year. "The purchase and application of mulch alone can be very expensive and this package covers that, plus lawn and turf management," Rich points out. "People like it because it's convenient and cost-effective."

A broad range of full-service packages distinguishes New Image from many other companies.

"Many are very specialized," Rich explains. "Some companies may treat one's lawn but not cut the grass, while some will cut the grass but do nothing else. Others may handle lawns, but not mulching or landscaping. We're a full-service lawn maintenance company. We do it all and then some."

Just this year, in fact, Rich has added a new service to New Image's line-up by offering a turf-only package, where New Image will spray customers' lawns five to six times a year without mowing services. "For some customers, that's all they want and need, and we're happy to offer them this package," Rich states.

With so many lawn care options available, Rich likes to educate homeowners on the benefits of having a weekly lawn service. "If we're maintaining a lawn year-round, we're there weekly to oversee the condition of the turf," Rich asserts. "That allows us to know what it needs and be proactive in keeping it healthy and in good shape all year long."

In keeping lawns healthy year-round, Rich stresses that it has the potential to save customers money in the long run. He compares the maintenance of a lawn to the maintenance of a car, where waiting too long to address basic maintenance issues, like clearing lawns and beds of debris, can add up to a higher bill in the spring.

"Waiting to change the oil in your car can wind up costing a lot more down the line," he points out. "It's the same with waiting to maintain your lawn. If one lets the yard go after the summer, the cost of spring cleanup, treatment, and mulching can potentially run into the thousands."

For those on the fence as to whether or not to use a lawn service company or simply try to keep up their lawn by themselves, Rich helps to break it down on his Facebook page so they can make an informed decision. "Doing it yourself is fine, but sometimes it may actually be cheaper to have a company apply the necessary treatments," he surmises.

"It could cost a homeowner as much or more just to buy the applicator and fertilizer as it would cost to have it done as part of a package, not to mention the time it takes them to buy the materials and do the job. If it were me, I'd spend the money on the service just to save myself the hassle!" he adds with a chuckle.

Lee and Beth Brinn are two long-time clients who are very glad to have saved themselves the hassle.

"New Image Lawn and Scapes is the only lawn maintenance company for us!" Lee enthuses. "We switched to them over ten years ago and have been thankful for that decision ever since. Their team of professionals cuts and edges our lawn, maintains our hedges, provides annual weed control, seeds, and fertilizes. They are friendly, on time, proactive (If it needs fixing, they fix it), and very knowledgeable. We needed a maintenance company that we could build a relationship with and trust. That personal service and integrity are the hallmark of their business."

Whether servicing a Hall of Fame package or a turf-only package, Rich Linehan and New Image Lawn and Scapes are prepared to provide customers with excellent service and results in every season of the year.

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