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Celebrating 30 years of outstanding customer service

by Cristi Sanchez

Above, from left: Pam Standish, president and owner of Premier Roofing and Siding, <BR>and Ann Strader, general manager. <BR>Photo by Michele Thompson

Above, from left: Pam Standish, president and owner of Premier Roofing and Siding,
and Ann Strader, general manager.
Photo by Michele Thompson

Celebrating an anniversary is a chance to look back on one's life journey to remember where one has been and to see how far one has come; to honor the past while looking toward the future. Pam Standish, president and owner of Premier Roofing and Siding, and her general manager, Ann Strader, are already preparing to celebrate Premier's upcoming 30th anniversary, marking 30 years of providing outstanding work and customer service to homeowners throughout Southside Hampton Roads.

A dynamic duo full of personality Pam and Ann  are more like family to each other than co-workers. With their quick smiles and bubbly, effervescent personalities, they're like peanut butter and jelly- a completely complimentary pair that is the heart of Premier Roofing and Siding. Over the past three and a half years since the sudden, unexpected passing of Pam's husband, Jeff, the two have stepped up to take the company reins working tirelessly to continue moving Premier Roofing and Siding forward to grow, succeed, and thrive.

Started by Jeff Standish in 1989, locally-owned and-operated Premier Roofing and Siding began as a two-person, two-crew business operating out of a garage. Exponential growth for the company forced moves to larger locations twice in 11 years, with their last move being to their current Bainbridge Boulevard location in Chesapeake. "We moved here in 2000, and it's perfect for us," Pam says of their South Norfolk location. "We have easy access to any location on Southside. It makes us truly feel like a neighborhood, community business."

Their location isn't the only thing that gives Premier the feel of a local neighborhood business. "There's always someone in our office to help our customers," Ann states. "That's something many other companies just don't have. They often have dispatchers communicating from call centers, home, or cell phones. When our customers call us they know they're going to be speaking to a professional, friendly office employee who can help them."

Pam and Ann, both outgoing and people-oriented, ensure that the office staff are not the only professional and friendly employees at Premier. The company's well-trained installers and project managers are expected to provide excellent customer service on the job site. "We look for people to add to our field crews who have good people skills," Ann explains.  "They're our face to the customer at the job site, so our installers, crew chiefs, and project managers are always courteous."

"We have a lot of compliments about our crew chiefs," Pam adds with pride. "In fact, some are in very high demand because they provide such great service. People actually request them!"

Premier's quality customer service is also reflected in the attention each job receives. Project managers are assigned to every job site to inspect the work being performed to make sure it meets Pam's and Ann's very high standards.

The hardworking staff of Premier Roofing  and  Siding  <BR> Photo by Michele Thompson

The hardworking staff of Premier Roofing and Siding
Photo by Michele Thompson

"We're dealing with peoples' home, so we don't take our responsibility lightly, Pam notes. "Our project managers see a job through from beginning, to middle, to end. They'll go to job sites regularly to inspect work quality throughout the entire process. In fact, sometimes they do surprise spot inspections just to keep installers on their toes," she adds with a twinkle in her eyes.

"We're dealing with peoples' home,
so we don't
take our responsibility lightly."

- Pam Standish

Occasionally, unexpected surprises are uncovered that need to be addressed to complete a job. If surprises are found, crew chiefs will immediately take pictures of the damage and show them to the homeowner right away so they can understand what needs to be done. "Our customers really appreciate that we take that extra step to educate them," Ann states. "And if a client is working at the time of discovery, we'll email or text them the photos right away to make sure no work is done without their understanding and approval."

The crew chief and project manager's final act of service is to ensure that the customer's yard is spotless of all trash, nails, and debris upon completion of the job. "Some of our customers tell us that their yards look better after we leave than before we started!" Ann says with delight.

From the beginning of a renovation project to the end, Pam and Ann are very mindful of their customer's time and accommodating of their busy schedules. Both initial consultations and finalized paperwork can be completed in the comfort of the customers' homes.

"We offer convenient daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments- and they're appointments," Ann stresses. "We never leave customers sitting, waiting, and wondering when someone is going to show up. It's a set time so they'll know exactly when the representative will be there. For every consult, they bring product samples along so that customers can touch, feel, and see the product. They'll work with you on designing your home and go over pricing with you."

Pam and Ann ensure that they offer only quality products to their clients. In addition to traditional three-tab shingles and vinyl siding, they also offer designer architectural shingles, composite and vinyl stone siding, and are introducing Versetta Stone siding to their lineup. They are diligent to stay on top of all the manufacturer warranties offered on these and other products they install. "We always keep informed on new and existing products and what warranties are available. We want to make sure that the product that we're offering has a well-established warranty for homeowners," Pam says.

From warranties to work, from scheduling to service, Pam Standish and Ann Strader are committed to excellence in all that Premier Roofing and Siding does. They stress quality in every area, from customer service to materials, to work performed. As the company's 30th anniversary approaches they can look back, see how far they've come, and celebrate their journey of continued success.

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