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Small family practice offers big results

by Cristi Sanchez

The Webb Family Dentistry staff: (from left) Yvonne Rutledge, Miriam Fernandez, <BR>Dr. Webb, Lauren Macnamara and Amber Johnson   <BR>  Photo by Michele Thompson

The Webb Family Dentistry staff: (from left) Yvonne Rutledge, Miriam Fernandez,
Dr. Webb, Lauren Macnamara and Amber Johnson
Photo by Michele Thompson

Big things can come in small packages. It's the mantra we often tell our children when they are drawn to the largest box in the room tied with the fanciest ribbons. As adults, we sometimes suffer from the same complex, often with cars, electronics, and even the businesses we choose. We then find out, sometimes the hard way, that smaller is often better. Webb Family Dentistry, a small practice privately owned by Dr. Sonya Thomas-Webb, DDS, PC is a prime example of that.

Tucked away in the corner of the Dominion Marketplace Shopping Center on Great Bridge Boulevard, Dr. Webb has been serving the community with her dentistry skills for 24 years. She takes pride in the fact that although small, her practice is big in customer service.  "I like to say that we may be small but we're big on results," she says with a smile. We can provide more one-on-one patient care with a small practice because we're not just focused on high production; we're focused on people, and we take the time needed to give the personalized attention that patients honestly want from their dentist."

Dr. Webb is steadfast in making sure her patients receive the best quality care and attention, with a focus on maintaining healthy teeth and gums for life.  "During our appointments, we dedicate 50 minutes for the cleaning.  That way, patients actually get to spend time with the doctor.  I'm not just in and out the door in two minutes," she insists. "I get to know my patients and make sure to give them the proper attention they need to have a healthy mouth for life."

Dr. Webb's life-long passion for dentistry was evident at age 16 when she worked as a dental assistant. Continuing her career as a dental hygienist, she earned a dental degree from Howard University in 1986. Occasionally, she can be found volunteering at Chesapeake Care Clinic, mentoring and overseeing dental students from VCU.

"I'm a people person, as is every staff member here," Dr. Webb continues with a smile. "So many people compliment us on how friendly and professional our staff is." That type of service wins many patients over, making them loyal clients as evidenced by the numerous glowing, high-star reviews for the practice on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

In addition to providing friendly and professional customer service, Dr. Webb is now offering a new service to assist her patients financially. Seeing a need among people without dental insurance, Dr. Webb devised an in-office insurance plan to help them maintain optimal oral health. "So many people these days lack dental insurance,"  she observes compassionately. "I felt it would be helpful to provide an in-office insurance plan that would help make regular dental care more affordable for them. It's my goal to make sure that all patients, with insurance or without, are able to maintain good oral health."

"I get to know my patients
and make sure to give them
the proper attention they need
to have a healthy mouth for life.
I'm a people person."

 - Dr. Sonya Thomas-Webb

The newly implemented in-office insurance has patients pay a flat fee each year which covers their cleanings, X-rays, fluoride treatments, exams, and emergency exams, and also provides 20 percent off most dental work, with an $800 discount on Invisalign® clear aligners.

Since 2008, Dr. Webb been offering Invisalign®- clear retainer-style aligners fit over teeth to correct misaligned, crooked teeth, and often preferred over traditional metal braces by many because they're less noticeable. They don't leave the white calcium and tartar deposits that can occur with braces, and they can be removed, making cleaning and flossing of teeth much easier.

Impressions taken by Dr. Webb for the Invisalign® devices are easier as well. "We have the Align Technology® digital impression scanner that eliminates the need for goopy, gagging impressions," Dr. Webb explains. "This is a huge plus for the patients. We can do digital impressions in less than five minutes and the scanner can also provide simulated post-aligner results," she explains.

"It's amazing how much Invisalign® has improved over the last 10 years," Dr. Webb continues enthusiastically. "At first they could only be used for mild tooth misalignment, but now they can be used for severe cases, too. I can address any issue that can be treated with Invisalign® unless it's something that requires the jaw to be realigned." 

But do they really work?  Dr. Webb's patients have had a great deal of success with the aligning devices.  "Oh my gosh, they love it!" she enthuses. "They're so happy with how their teeth look after Invisalign® treatment. The only time it's not successful is when patients aren't compliant and don't leave them on like they're supposed to.   It's not going to work if it's not in your mouth," she adds with a wry grin.

The advances in Invisalign® devices and the in-office insurance aren't the only changes for Dr. Webb's business. Webb Family Dentistry will be expanding in June to offer pediatric dentistry services with the addition of Chesapeake pediatric dentist, J. B. Martin.  "I'm really excited to have Dr. Martin come on board," Dr. Webb says happily. "I just really wanted to integrate pediatric services to make it convenient for patients with children.  Now we can be a completely family-oriented practice."

Growing and expanding her practice to provide the best, personalized, affordable dental services possible, Dr. Sonya Thomas-Webb has created her small dentistry business to be a powerhouse of service.  She and her staff show that it's not necessary to focus on high production numbers to be successful. Big on customers, big on families, and big on results, it's clear that Webb Family Dentistry is a classic example of something big coming in a small package.  

Webb Family Dentistry

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