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Father and son guide clients to financial awareness and stability

by Sean Fitzpatrick

The father and son financial team of Arie and Stephen Korving. <BR>Photo courtesy Knox Studios

The father and son financial team of Arie and Stephen Korving.
Photo courtesy Knox Studios

The individual has power. Everything that one does in one's day-to-day life, whether in the workplace or in the home, is for the sake of achieving a particular goal. For most people, that goal is living a life in which they and their loved ones are happier, stronger, and wiser. However, people encounter difficulties along the way, especially in a climate that may be subject to economic fears. This is where Korving & Company can help.

Arie and Stephen Korving, the father and son financial team, understand that everyone, regardless of where they begin, deserves the opportunity to finish stronger.

"We have a very important role to play," Arie explains. "We're working to improve the lives of others. It's really that simple."

After graduating from Virginia Tech, Stephen discovered that he and his father shared a commitment to making a difference in the community. So it was that this father and son endeavor began. "I've now been working in financial planning and investment management for 19 years," Stephen says. "My dad's been working in it for over 30 years."

Drawing from a wealth of experience, Korving & Company has created a special niche in the field. While a broker typically focuses on selling stocks and bonds, Korving & Company focuses on providing thoughtful, unbiased guidance. Clients who turn to them not only find financial stability but new friends as well.

"We are always willing to help, no matter the situation." Arie continues. "That's another big part of our philosophy. We are always focused on a person's wants and needs, whether they are striving to live a lavish lifestyle or are comfortable living very simply. Most importantly, we offer the specialized assistance that each client needs in dealing with their particular financial situation."

For many people, dealing with money matters can be extremely tricky. Each person has unique financial challenges that must be addressed, and those challenges can range from the simple to the overwhelming.

"Maybe, someone just wants to better understand the market," Stephen remarks. "Maybe they don't quite understand what a 401(k) is and how having one can be a benefit. And of course, there can be other issues that are quite a bit more complex."

The Korvings' expertise extends to all areas of finance, from creating unique diversified portfolios to helping clients avoid impending financial failure. A client might need assistance in managing their 401(k) or dealing with corporate executives and lawyers. Perhaps a client has suddenly come into a large sum of money and has no idea regarding the best course of action to take. In any of these situations, the Korvings are ready to serve as financial mentors.

Arie and Stephen Korving draw from their decades of experience in finance to offer clients guidance<BR> that is tailored to their particular circumstance.  <BR>Photo courtesy Knox Studios

Arie and Stephen Korving draw from their decades of experience in finance to offer clients guidance
that is tailored to their particular circumstance.
Photo courtesy Knox Studios

The Korvings refer to characters in the classic Star Wars films to illustrate how they view their roles as financial mentors. "In Star Wars, legendary Jedi Knight Yoda mentors young Luke Skywalker by opening his eyes to the power of the Force to which he already has access," Arie says.

"That is what we do for our clients," Stephen explains. "Regardless of what an individual's financial situation might be at any given time, they have to understand that they already have the power to change things. We open their eyes to the power that they have and guide them in putting that power to better use."

"Regardless of what
an individual's financial situation
might be at any given time,
 they have to understand
that they already have the power
to change things."

- Stephen Korving

Over the years studies have shown that most Americans, regardless of income, are woefully under-educated when it comes to managing their finance. Living a consumerist culture, people often find it difficult to distinguish between needs and wants. The Korvings often begin their mentoring by asking a client one very simple but all-important question: "How much do you need to live on?" Often times the client's answer is, "I don't know."

"It happens a lot more than one might think." Stephen observes. "Yet it makes a whole lot of sense because they don't live and breathe in the space that we do every day. Our roles are important, in this way, because financial peace will always be important to physical, mental, and emotional well being."

Perhaps the greatest struggle that people face is the loss of a loved one. In many families, one person is often responsible for managing the money. If that person suddenly passes or is left incapacitated, other family members may be left to take on a new role for which they are completely unprepared. The loss of their loved one is often coupled with crippling insecurities regarding financials matters.

"No one should ever be left not knowing what to do, especially when their loved ones are in need." Arie insists. "That is why it is so important for us to meet with our clients periodically so that we can make certain that their hard work does not go to waste and that their family will be secure under every circumstance."

Determined to help those striving to provide the best for their families, Arie wrote a book- Before I Go. Paired with a valuable workbook, Before I Go helps readers navigate their way through paying off bills and debts, purchasing insurance, making investments and better understanding how their income can be used to establish a secure future for their heirs.

Again, opening an individual's eyes to their power is the key to Arie and Stephen's work. Often, the end result is a personal transformation that leads to growth not only in the arena of financial management and investments, but in all other areas of one's life.

"We're here for our neighbors, to help everyone better understand their financial potential," Stephen says with a smile. "To help them succeed, and finish stronger."

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